Jasmine Yvonne Turner Ed. 202 E-Portfolio Spring2017

Section 1

About Me:)

I had no Idea what I was getting myself into when enrolling into this educational technology class. I am not exactly what you call tech savvy. However, in this class, I have grown to know how to effectively use many technologies that can be incorporated into the classroom, and outside of the classroom! I made the right decision when enrolling, I just didn't know it yet.

Philosophies of Education:) (Press the button)

Section 2

Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity.

This standard in my opinion, means that as a teacher, I have to be the one that brings the inspiration to the classroom; the one that models it. When my students see me exuding creativity, they will be inspired to put just as much effort into their lessons. Before this project, I was terrified. We were entering a territory I was not yet familiar, and honestly, the proficiency level in this standard was nonexistent for me. However, Mr. Kiper made us feel like we could do it regardless of what we thought we couldn't do. I want to be that type of teacher. After it was done, I was pleasantly surprised that it was not at all terrible like I previously thought. I had done it! I am so much more confident in bringing something like this in my science classroom.

Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments.

This standard is one that was the meat of this educational technology course. I did not know what it was develop digital age learning experiences and assessments. However, in having to write a lesson plan that incorporates these experiences and assessment, and also watching how Mr. Kiper conducts his classroom assignments based upon the lesson plan he wrote for us, I am now a little more proficient in producing such a document. I have done my own lesson plan, and I feel as if this is going to be the start of many great lesson plans to come! It first sounded complicated, and the format of the lesson plans are a bit intimidating, however, now that I have done one, I know this is something that I can only improve in.

Model digital age work and learning.

Modeling is an action term. It means that we ourselves have to do something so that someone else can follow. In this class, we have done a project just for this standard, and it is our flipped lesson! I had no idea these existed, but having done this myself, I am now able to incorporate it with ease into my lesson plan, so that I can maximize my time in the classroom doing more hands-on projects with my students.

Promote and model digital leadership and responsibility.

Digital literacy is is the ability to use technology to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information. Along with a working knowledge of computer software and hardware. I always knew there were things that you should not do on the internet, and a little on how to protect yourself. However, I did not realize the extent that this subject is talked about. We produced a news letter, about selected areas dealing with digital literacy. Now that I have done my research, I am more proficient in the subject, and can incorporate these much needed practices in my classroom. I can continue to produce this kind of thing with ease using the software developed just for this reason!

Engage in professional growth and leadership.

Working at Frisco ISD this past summer with my mom opened my eyes to the different things that teachers have to do to stay up to date on the different things they need to know as teachers. I knew that they had professional development that they had to go to, but that is all I figured there was to do. In taking this class, I realize that there is a multitude of things to do that develop us into the teachers that our students need. There are different workshops that I can go to, become a leader, and bring what I have learned back to my co-workers. One project that we did that exhibits professional growth would be our Google Certification (Level 1). I am now Level 1 certified, and I can help my co-workers in their development of becoming acclimated in Google tools, and maybe help them receive their certification as well. I am now proficient in some of the aspects of Google and I have the certificate to prove it!
Educational Technology has been a blessing in disguise for me. I thought that this class would be one that I regret taking, and it was very challenging! However, the rewards I have reaped have been such a humbling experience. Thank you Mr. Kiper for being the epitome of the teacher I aspire to be, and for introducing me into a whole new world of teaching. It was an honor to call myself one of your pupils!


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