Photography 1 L.B.

Rule of Thirds

I choose this picture because it utilizes the rule of thirds. The focal point is the tree on the right.The secondary focal point is the barn in the background. The fence in the foreground gives depth to the picture. I edited it slightly to make the colours more vivid. This is my rules of thirds photo.


Leading lines

This photo utilizes leading lines. The branch of the tree leads to the sky. It also leads to its vanishing point where it curves out of the picture. You could also follow the roof to the other branches from the base of the first branch. This photo uses leading lines with branches and roofs.



This photo was taken using the macro setting on the camera. The focal point of this photo is the ball on top of the flower. The colors are vibrant reds and pink. The pedals contrast the ball on top between dark and light colors. In the background similar flowers are visible. This photo is in macro mode.



The picture of Zavory is my choice portrait. He is sitting in a chair and the tone is mostly dark. There is some contrast with parts of his outfit and the money with the darker surroundings. Half of his face is in shadows and the other half is in light. The contrast and surroundings give him a more menacing look.

Mob Boss Zaparino

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