The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By: ALICIA megnath

The Spacial Experience: My spacial experience was a very important aspect of my overall experience of the play. It was very formal and organized; which added to the show. I was very impressed how everything was planned and conducted in such an intricate manner. My seat was pretty close to the stage; which really allowed me to see every detail of the show; to what the actors were wearing and their facial expressions. The lighting of the show really added to the ambiance of the show and it made it more real, in a way. The size of the auditorium was not too big or too small; it was the perfect size to where it was not overwhelming because their was so many people, but also there were enough to truly capture the play experience. Place is important in the Good Life because it dictates how we view the world; and thus what we make of our situation.

The Social Experiment: The experience at the play was definitely heightened by the social interactions that took place during it. I attended the performance with a few colleagues that were also in Good Life. To get ready to attend the play, I made sure to look semi-professional; as I realized it was a formal event. Attending the play with my friends definitely was beneficial because we all were able to all experience the play individually and collectively we could share our thoughts and consider a different perspective about how things could have been interpreted. Shared experiences are especially critical to the Good Life because it allows us to gain insight about life through the experiences of others, and it also lets us enjoy things more when we are able to it with the ones we love.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play describes a time in which there were several political and social stigmas that are conflicting to many of the characters throughout the play. Sarah's character herself seems to serve as a threat to the other students and Quebec City as she encourages them to embrace changes and challenge traditional ideals. Throughout the play, the issues of the Industrial Revolution are exposed. Widespread poverty and horrific working conditions were among the hardships many faced. One of the dilemmas that Mrs. Talbot struggles with throughout the play is the decision of joining a union to fight for just working conditions--but she soon realizes is dire consequences it might cause to her and the fate of her family. Before attending the play, I was not truly aware of these circumstances that many families faced during this time period. The play really introduced me to a side of history that I had not given much thought to. I think that problems in society today are definitely somewhat correlated to the things that occurred throughout the play. Social oppression was another theme addressed in the play and society, even today, still struggles with the concept of oppression--racially, sexually, and even intellectually.

The Emotional Experience: I think that this play definitely provides us with an opportunity for catharsis. In the play, many of the characters experience emotional release and confliction. For example, the characters were all faced with the internal battle between their personal beliefs and their ethical obligations. Casgrain has to disguise the truth of the past in order to withhold the status of the church, while Michaud faces the struggle of choosing between the things he cherishes the most--theater or church. Even the Boss must face contention when he is forced to camouflage harsh working conditions for the sake of protecting the industry. Throughout the entire play, these characters all encounter instances where they begin to question what truly is the good life. The play causes the audience to genuinely introspect about the things we care for in life and how we must fight for these things, even in the face of adversity.

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