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Quick Guide to Developing Customer Personas


3 Secrets to Getting Inside Your Customer's Head

Personas are a factionalized, idealized customer that we develop through research.

Personas can be developed through

  • Surveys of our existing audience
  • Analyzing website analytics
  • Performing in-depth interviews with key customers
  • Finding additional research participants through online review sites, bloggers, and social media networks

Specific helpful things include

  • Mechanical Turk, which is a crowdsourcing internet marketplace for at-home work
  • HARO, which is a journalist resource database
  • Both of these places can help us find individuals to interview to develop the customer persona

3 Secrets to Getting Inside your Customer's Head

This article is about how to present information in a way that will really stick with your customer.

Three Secrets

  • Telling an aspirational, focused story
  • Building up trust with the customer
  • Aligning against a common enemy with the customer

Using neuroscience to direct your marketing helps you get more customers

  • Data gleaned from science makes it possible to build your content around what the customer wants to hear, and turn the writer into a storyteller.
  • Diamler-Chrysler did a study showing that sportier cars activate the same part of the brain as drugs and alcohol as an example of what motivates customers.
  • Don't call customer success stories testimonials, call them real-life success stories

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