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Home Education Association, Inc.

Proudly supporting home educators across Australia

About HEA

The HEA is a national not-for-profit incorporated association serving Australian homeschoolers since 2001.
With a membership of around 750 families, we represent a wide variety of educational philosophies. People from a variety of backgrounds and educational levels are successfully home educating children of all ages.
Due to our unique membership base, we can help expand your reach into the homeschooling sector, building greater awareness for your products or services, as well as generating new contacts and leads for your business and products.

What we can do for you


As you partner with us we will promote your product and services nationally, adding credibility to your brand name.
Home Education is a growing sector in Australia, with new families joining every week.
The HEA is a great way to generate awareness for your business in this unique and dynamic educational arena, with the potential to reach hundreds of homeschooling families.


The HEA has a number of marketing channels to grab the attention of home education parents. We can help to showcase and demonstrate the value of your product or service.

Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Website advertising
Video Promos
At Seminars, Workshops, Conferences

Partner with us to help provide educational equity for home educators across Australia.

Quarterly Digital Magazine

"Stepping Stones" magazine has had a long and special place in the HEA's history.

Now a digital magazine, it goes to our 750 members every March, June, September and December.

When a new issue is released, the previous issue is then made available for the public.

Premium, Silver, and Valued Partners receive FREE ad placements in our magazine. Resource Partners can purchase space at fantastic rates.
Premium Partners - those who offer Exclusive pricing or accessibility to HEA Members - will receive FREE premium positioned feature ads every issue, including full pages at least twice per year.
Silver Partners - those who offer at least 30% discount to HEA Members - receive a FREE Half-page feature ad every issue.
Valued Partners - those who offer at least 20-25% discounts to HEA Members - receive a FREE 1/4 page ad every issue.
Resource Partners - those who support all homeschoolers generally, offering 0-15% off educational products & services - can purchase advertising of all sizing at amazing low rates.


As a Partner you will receive - for FREE - placement ads for your business or event in our Educational Resource Newsletter. This Newsletter goes out once a month to the HEA Membership base, promoting our Partners' products and services.

As well as being received via email by our 750 members, we advertise our Newsletters on our public Facebook page, which has a following of 6000. Links to Newsletters also are listed on our Website.

All of our Partners receive great showcase advertising for FREE in our Resource Newsletters, with Premium & Silver Partners receiving premium positioning.
In addition to our Resource Newsletter, Premium Partners will also feature for FREE in our Main Information Newsletter at least four times a year.
Silver Partners have opportunities to purchase placements in our Main Information Newsletter in addition to their free ads in our Resource Newsletter.

HEA Website Platform

As the only national homeschool association in Australia, the HEA leads the home education sector. Our Members and the Public come to our site seeking resource information and support.

Your business is a valuable contribution and the HEA can help provide a platform to reach home educating parents and carers who are looking for resources to fit their personal curriculum package.

Like our Resource Newsletter, all of our Partners will receive FREE placement advertising on our Website:

Premium & Silver Partners - Large, prominent positioning. Free.
Valued & Resource Partners - Medium to small, on high volume pages. Free.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

The HEA has been supporting home educators since 2001. Our Facebook page has been the social media platform where our members join and stay.

We have 6000 followers on our Home Education Association Facebook page and we can advertise and promote your business, products and services, extending who you reach, well beyond just our membership.

Premium, Silver & Valued Partners all receive FREE HEA Facebook ads, corresponding to the level of partnership.
All Partners, including our Resource Partners, have opportunity for additional low-rate placement ads on our Facebook page.

When you advertise with us on our Facebook page, we will also promote you on our newly created Twitter and Instagram accounts at no extra charge.

Video Promotion

The HEA is excited to launch our new video promos. We showcase these on our social media channels, website, and new Youtube Channel.

Partnering with us, the HEA will get creative in advertising your products and services for you.

Premium & Silver Partners receive FREE Video inclusions.
Valued & Resource Partners receive special low-rates for Video inclusions.

Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

We have opportunities for all of our Partners to display print-work brochures and have a vendor table at our conferences, workshops and seminars.

Premium and Silver Partners have opportunities with us to become Premium or Silver Partnership Sponsors giving rise to allocated time to speak about their business products and services directly to our attendees.

Our National Conference will be held on 13 June 2020 in Brisbane, Queensland.

Partnering with the HEA means that we are also excited to come to any Events you may Host. We can provide speakers or a vendor table, providing information on homeschooling, registration, insurance, tertiary pathways, just to name a few areas.

Let us know how we can help you at your Event!

Price Packaging

Bundle packages

In addition to individual item pricing, we offer "Bundle Packaging", which will save you even more when you advertise with us.

We want to Partner with you.

Our goal is to provide great resources to homeschoolers - we seek educational equity for our students. As you Partner with us, providing discounts to our Members, we will help promote your business, products and services.

Premium Partners - receive FREE, prominent advertising on ALL of our media channels:

Magazine, both Newsletters, Facebook, Website, and Promo Videos.

Silver Partners - receive FREE advertising on all of our media channels except our regular info newsletter.
Valued Partners - receive FREE advertising in our Magazine, Resource Newsletter, Facebook and Website.
Resource Partners - receive FREE advertising in our Resource Newsletter and on our Website

All Partners have opportunities to purchase additional promotion placements at extremely low-rates.

Reminder: Conferences & Workshops - Vendor Tables

Expressions of interest are taken any time and we will send you an invitation with pricing as each Event gets planned and put on the HEA Calendar.
Sponsorship opportunities are available for our Premium & Silver Partners at these Events which would allow you to speak directly to attendees.

For more information on all advertising listed above in this Kit contact:

HEA President, Karen Chegwidden at president@hea.edu.au
or the Committee Team at contact@hea.edu.au

We look forward to Partnering with you to help realise full educational equity for homeschoolers across Australia.

-The HEA Committee www.hea.edu.au

Proudly supporting home educators across Australia

*The HEA reserves the right to decline or end Partnerships with no notice or reason given.

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