My Life Chiara

My life

My name is Chiara Kamata, I am eleven years old, I was born in Mendrisio, Swizerland. I live in Lugano, Swizerland. My hobbies and interest are: synchronized swimming, drawing, dance , listening to music, playing piano and playing tennis.

I go to tennis and synchronized swimming club.

I love my family and friends.

My favorite subjects are sport, music and art.

When I am an adult, I would like to become a stylist.

My Life

There are four person in my family. My father, mother and my brother. I am the youngest. My father is a businessmen, he is very kind, lovely, funny and intelligent. He has grey hair, green eyes, and he is tall. My mother is very beautiful, strict, lovely and happy. She has blonde hair, green eyes and she is tall. My brother is very kind, lovely , funny, happy and handsome. He has brown hair, green eyes, and he is very tall. We live in an apartment in Lugano, Switzerland. My best family time is spent at home. During our holidays we visit many cities and countries, like: Dubai, Maldives, Japan, New York, Miami, St. Moritz, St. Tropez, and Cannes. I love my family because they help me always and they are special for me.

MY Hobbies

I have three hobbies, one of them is synchronized swimming, I practice tennis and skiing. On Mondays, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday I do synchronized swimming. During the winter season, I practice skiing and in the summer season I play tennis. I have played tennis since for six years and I started swimming five years ago and I skiing when I was five years old.

My pets

I love so much animals. I have two dogs, one Jack Russel, his name is Omar and one Bouldog, his name is Oliver. Omar is seven years, Oliver is three months. Omar has white and brown fur and Oliver has light brown fur. There are very kindly and very lovely and I love them so much.

My friends

I love all my friends, my friends are: Maddy, Ksenia, Marghe, Ele, Ludo, Franci and Joanna, Renata, Maria, Elina, Anastasia, Emma and Eva. They are always help me, and I love them so much. They are special for me.

We go together at the cinema , shops, parks, Mc Donalds…

We have fun!!!!!

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