Coral Freaks Sustainable Reefing Event Saturday 12th October 2019 10am to 4pm

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Born from a desire to deliver a UK event to their customers, AAC and Reefdreams present a showcase for the UK aquatic hobby that will both entertain and promote the sustainable aspects of the reefkeeping hobby in the UK.

Hosted by...

A.A.C - Advanced Aquarium Consultancy

Based in Harlow Essex, AAC has become synonymous with high quality marine livestock, equipment, advice, installations and UK farmed coral frags. Opening their new Coral Lab coral farm in 2019 to provide UK grown frags and the foresight to create the Coral Freaks event, to support sustainable reefing.

AAC - Coral Lab - UK farmed corals.


Reefdreams are based in Winchester, Hampshire and over the last 12 years have created a destination for marine aquatics. Bringing together fish, corals, inverts and home grown signature corals and the advice to succeed with your reef aquarium. Reefdreams has a passion for the rare and wonderful and is often at the forefront of the reefing scene, bringing many of the hard to come by species to the UK, that are often only seen ‘across the pond’ including zoanthids , mushroom morphs , rainbow chalices , SPS corals etc. They will be showcasing their ‘best of the best’ at the event . Reef Dreams is also the distributor of ‘Pinpoint’ a well trusted brand of digital testing equipment, that will be on show on the day.

Reefdreams - Frags and Corals


Jamie Craggs - Horniman Museum, London

Jamie has pioneered the captive breeding of hard coral species at the Horniman museum in London and is now working with teams around the world to develop the techniques to induce coral spawning and and settlement in a captive environment and will be sharing his experiences during his talk.

Jamie and his team at work at Project Coral

Brian Schaff - Managing Director @ Tropical Marine Centre

Brian Schaff ( todays current Managing director of Tropical Marine Centre UK ) , started his own Marine Ornamental Aquaculture business at the beginning of the century in Portugal. He managed to crack how to breed many shrimp and fish species on a commercial scale, that would lead to exporting worldwide, offering a sustainable alternative to wild caught species.

TMC has always been very focused in ensuring they work with as short supply chain as possible, and currently works with many captive breeders all over the world.

Brian has been in the marine ornamental industry now for 20 years, but he has also been a passionate hobbyist as well as a researcher, supplier to the industry, collector and wholesaler.

Brian will share his experiences with you, and give an insight into his past and present experiences.

David Saxby - Founder @ D-D The Aquarium Solution

The name David Saxby is synonymous with the reef keeping industry through DD The Aquarium Solution , a well respected international company that started 15 years ago , often the brand leader . David is also known worldwide for having one of the most amazing reef aquariums of all time and to quote Mike Paletta, "it is one of the best three hobbyist tanks in the World". However most don’t know the detail behind this passionate reefer , and the history . For example David first started keeping fish when he was eight years old and from this meagre goldfish aquarium a spark started that would change the industry forever . David will talk us through some of what his seen in those 60 plus years and provide some time for all you ‘Coral Freaks’ to ask questions about his experiences with the hobby , industry and his amazing reef aquarium . A talk not be missed .

Sponsored By...

ITC Aquatics

The company name may not be familiar for some, but one thing is certain ITC Aquatics have been responsible for distributing some of the most important brands we have seen, past and present, in the industry including Neptune Apex , Korallen Zucht , Dr Tim’s, ALR, and the amazing Real Reef Rock that feature in so many aquariums today . They were also responsible previously for bringing Ecotech Marine and Nyos to the UK .

Ecotech Marine

Ecotech Marine USA have a first class approach to doing things properly. Often it’s the first choice equipment of coral farms all over the world. Offering solid products and software platforms, preset programs derived from the CoralLab research and revolutionary design. There ever popular lighting range for hobbyists (Radion) and circulation range (Vortech) bring a certain class and beauty too, built on a foundation of proven ‘coral growing equipment’ and new developments and improvements in this field . Coral Freaks hopes to see representatives from the USA join us on the day.

Tropical Marine Centre

In 2020 the TMC will celebrate its 50th Anniversary. Tropical Marine Centre is a truly unique and world renown company, the largest of its kind in the UK and Europe. Indeed, Tropical Marine Centre’s operation at Chorleywood accounts for 70% of all marine ornamental imports into the UK and more than 15% of all of Europe’s imports. TMC are world leaders in setting the highest welfare standards for handling and care of the animals they import and sell worldwide. This was recognised by the UN World Conservation Monitoring Centre in Cambridge, following their collaboration in setting up the first Global Marine Animal Database in 2003. They are regularly visited, referenced and showcased by government agencies such as DEFRA, CEFAS, TRAFFIC, JNCC and Animal Health as exemplars in their sector and have featured in a number of TV documentaries. They employ over 100 people across 4 centres in Chorleywood, Manchester, Bristol and Lisbon in Portugal. They operate under the principle to work for the next 50 years in a sustainable and thriving hobby.

D-D The Aquarium Solution

Everybody no doubt will be very familiar with this, UK based, premium international distributor and manufacturer within the aquatic hobby. DD The Aquarium Solutions success has no doubt been fuelled by its superior staff team, combing first hand experience from some of the best reefers from the UK . We are all no doubt familiar with David Saxby , Stuart Bertram , Tony Rogers , that’s aside from Rob Massey and Daryl Dickson , Leigh Dawson , Jack Kelly etc - all of which have a hobbyist background to a very high level . DD will be show casing their range of products for hobbyists to interact with .


Anyone that’s been in the hobby for a period of time will understand the importance of Tunze . They were the first company to produce saltwater proof aquarium equipment of high quality, and that still sticks today . Gary and Karen Barden have been distributing the product range to UK stores for many years, and will be representing Tunze on the day .
Red Sea are without a doubt the powerhouse of the industry, bringing reefers around the globe to an easy start in their ‘reefing career ‘. Most will be very familiar with their extremely popular consumable ranges and ‘Reefer Aquariums’ . 2019 also brings many new hardware ranges being launched to , including their own lighting, circulation and dosing equipment running off their own unique ‘reef beat’ app. Products will be on show for the hobbyists perusal.
Xodis is a relatively new business responsible for the current distribution of Ecotech Marine’s product range and associated user support. Nyos also features as one of their core product lines of distribution. Jeremy Symonds and Steven Fox , both passionate about the hobby, continue to bring a first class approach to supporting these brands.
This ever growing popular German system has really gripped the UK , certainly amongst the more advanced reefer . Triton was first to provide affordable ICP technology with easy access to the reefer, and now even includes a ICP laboratory in the UK . Vincent Thomas , a very passionate reefer with ‘oodles’ of knowledge and success , will be on hand to discuss the system and will show case some of their affiliated products.
ELOS UK is responsible for distributing their premium range of products within the UK Reefing scene , most are familiar with their superb quality test kit ranges and additives for both saltwater and planted freshwater systems. Their hi end aquariums also attract a lot of attention. Peter Moon ( MD) will be on hand to discuss any of the questions you may have relating to ELOS products .
Most serious hobbyists will be very familiar with the name Ecomarines, set up by an extremely passionate reefer, Laura Carlin. Laura only operates wholesale, but will be showcasing some of her beautiful coral frags grown in a sustainable way .
BCUK is reasonable for bringing it’s wide range of coral and fish food products, including the very popular frozen Reef Feast, RS Mysis and Calinus, to market. They are also the distributors of the extremely popular Maxspect Product line .
Run by Matt Stevenson , this small yet perfectly formed company based in Norfolk , has brought some real distribution class to the industry over the past few years . Namely products such as Abyzz (possibly the most reliable of all saltwater pumps with warranty’s and power that makes you stand up and look ) , Easy Reefs ( everybody I’m sure is familiar with their food products including Masstick, Easy Boost and DK1) and Fritz , a well known brand ‘across the pond’ currently making its debut in the UK .

WorldWide Reefing Reef Meet...

Those of you not familiar with social media may not be aware of this amazing Facebook Reefing group . Mick Choppen started the page with an understanding that it should be focused on the subject without classified sales spoiling it . Mick is well known within the hobby for his fantastic photography skills and his contributions to other forums , especially Ultimate Reef . He will be hosting his ‘Reef Meet’ as he has done many times at stores around the UK .

If you wish to join a friendly well moderated Reefing platform - where ‘no question is a stupid question’ filled with eye candy reef aquariums from around the world, search ‘Worldwide Reefing’ on Facebook and join the group of 7000 plus members !

Frag Swap...

There will be a ‘frag swap’ area at the event, for those with a ‘glut’ of grown out corals who wish to exchange, run by a local well known reefer , Mr Leigh France .

Rules will be in place soon and more detail posted into our social media page, soon to be created, linking to Leigh’s Facebook group .

No cash sales are allowed at the event - this is about the sustainable hobby and only those genuine hobbyists looking to exchange will be allowed to participate.

Ticket Information...

The Golden Tickets...

Please Note... This event is fully sold out!

Tickets will be free of charge and the costs of the event have been met by the hosts and sponsors.

As a result tickets will be in high demand and will be limited due to fire regulations and for this reason we will release tickets in the following phases.

Tickets will initially only be available in store from AAC (Harlow) and Reefdreams (Winchester) for regular call in customers, please bring along your photo ID and email address for each ticket holder as tickets will be allocated idividually and are not transferable. There will also be a limited number of tickets made available to members on the Ultimate Reef Forum.

Tickets will then be made available to other aquarists in person at either AAC (Harlow) and Reefdreams (Winchester)

Remaining tickets will be made available online, there will be a carriage charge to cover administration costs.

The Raffle!

In order to make this event really special , no ticket charge has been implemented . However we would like all attendees to dig deep into their pockets for a raffle with superb prizes . All proceeds of the raffle will go directly to ‘Project Coral’ run by Jamie Craggs of the Horniman museum helping enable this fantastic work to continue .

Travel and Directions...

Doors Open at 10am until 4pm

The Main Hall (rear of AAC HQ), Latton Bush Centre, Harlow, Essex, CM18 7BL


The burger twins van will be on site next to the exhibition hall providing the very best hot food and refreshments.