Famous Pennsylvanians By: victoria shipley

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:The Electricity Lightning

Chapter 2: The Chocolate Lover

Chapter 3:The Country Singer

Chapter 4: Yo Dude It Is William Penn!

Chapter 5: Hey! It's The Willster!

The Electricity Lightning: Ben was a american leader he was also a printer, inventor, and scientist. Ben was born in Bosten, Massachusse he was one of seventeen kids! When Ben was twelve he worked with his brother and he ran away to Philidelphia. In fact, by the time he was twenty-four years old he owned his own cool printer shop. Ben went to France to get some solders to fight in the war. Ben helped to make and sign the Declaration of Independence in independence hall! Hold on tight because up next we are going to the creator of chocolate.

Ben flew a kite during a thunder storm to prove that lightning is electricity.

The Chocolate Lover : Milton Hershey created a formula that made a creamy chocolate bar that is called the hershey chocolate bar. Milton was born on September thirteenth, 1857 in Derry Church, PA. He made his first biusness that worked in 1886 called the Lancaster Caramel Company. In fact, he created a coating for his caramel but, Milton sold his caramel company for one million dollars. Milton started to build a factory in Derry Church, PA in 1906. Milton created a wonderful formulia that created the hershey chocolate bar which worked alot. Sadly Milton died on October thirteenth 1945. Get ready! because we are going to Wyomissing.

The Country Singer: Did you know that Taylor Swift is really really famous? Taylor was born in Wyomissing in 1989. Her first single was Tim Mcgraw. In 2012 she auditioned to be Audrey in the Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Most importantly, Taylor was the first artist or singer to have three tracks or albums sell a lot in a week! And now we are heading to the founder of PA! Amazing!

Taylor swift is currently twenty-seven years old in her big life.

Yo Dude It's William Penn!: William Penn was the founder of PA which stands for Pennsylvania. William was born on October fourteenth 1644. William was part of a group called Friends in 1667 but people who weren't part of the group called them Quackers. The king of England owed William's dad money but his father died so the king owed William money. In fact, instead of money William wanted land in the new world which we call America and the king gave him PA. But William died when he was seventy-four years old. And coming up he's a big star from Phillidelphia the one the only Will Smith!

Hey! It's The Willster!: Will Smith is a african american actor. He was in Independence Day in 2002, he was also in Men In Black two in 2002 and in Men In Black three in 2012. Will was born in Philadelphia on September twenty-fifth 1968. Will and his partner Jazzy Jeff won a Grammy Award which means music in 1988. Will is currently 38 years old. Will married a american actress who is Jada Smith in 1997. Most importantly, Will and Jada Smith had two kids one is named Willow Smith and the other is Jaden Smith. In conclusion, these are some famous people who lived in Pennsylvania.


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