Jesus-Centered Life youth devotion no.02

Why All the ‘Shoulds’?

We’d like to apologize for something we’re pretty sure has happened to you. Somewhere along the way, someone in a church has probably told you that you should love Jesus because, well, you’re supposed to. Jesus doesn’t want a “supposed-to” relationship with us—He wants to be known and loved for who he is. And the only way that’s going to happen is for us to slow down and get to know his heart.

Have we really soaked in the personality of Jesus—pursued him as the most fascinating, magnetic, lightning-bolt person who ever lived? And if he’s really all that incredible, why are “supposed-to’s” even necessary? People who are caught up in a romantic relationship don’t have to be told to focus on the person of their affection; it’s hard to stop thinking about them, actually. No matter what we’re doing or who we’re doing it with, our thoughts stray to the object of our passion. And that’s not because we “should” be zoned in on the object of our affection. We simply can’t help ourselves, because we’re mesmerized by so much beauty. Jesus wants to capture our hearts, not force our obedience.

Living It Out

If you’re reading this devotion, we’re guessing you’d say that you love Jesus. But why? Hopefully, it’s not because you feel like you should—-like you’re supposed to! So what is it about Jesus that draws you to Him? Never really thought about that? That’s okay, most people haven’t. So here’s your chance! Find something to jot down some of the things you love about Jesus—-things about Him that have drawn you toward Him, not because you should, but because you want to!

Okay, now here’s a little thought for the day: How do you think people in your life (parents, siblings, friends, teachers, strangers) would be affected if the Jesus-in-you was given greater freedom to live out, in your everyday life, some of the same qualities you find so attractive in Him?