When looking for a topic to start a survey on, I thought about common topics that everyone knows but knows nothing about it. This is why I choose my topic about presidents. This topic is very common and everyone knows who the president is. but no one knows the facts about them. I chose this topic to prove the ignorance of people with their country's leader is a rising problem how people dont pay attention to who rules there country if on the outside it looks fine, they assume the inside is just as good. But this is not always the case.

The purpose of my survey were different. I tried to show that even though someone is running your country, you may not know them. found out only about half know about the true presidents that run their country. This is a successful survey because it shows that I was right and not everyone truly knows about their leader. Some people judge the book by its cover and it does not allow them to actually read the book, an example of this was Nixon. Most scandalous president and no one saw it coming. They all read the cover and not the actual book.

The findings of my survey semi proved my theory. Only about half of the people knew about the president scandalous and common facts everyone should know. They also think different things because of the media influencing everything this past election. They also were confused about scandalous presidents and the number of presidents. The one thing 90 percent of people got right was the first president aside from one person. I think my survey showed that people do not know the knowledge they should know when electing a new leader.

"A house divided in two cannot stand" -Abraham Lincoln

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