Family History LEGO Creations By The Genealogy Kids

Guess how many Legos we have in our house. Oh wait, too many to count. After decades of birthdays and Christmas mornings, this family of seven brick-loving kids probably owns a million. And while we enjoy putting together the kits of a newly opened Lego box, pretty soon the pieces get added to the collection in one giant mixed-up mess. That's where creativity really starts to sprout, and kids start to develop their own designs.

Because Mom is a genealogist, whenever the question comes up, "what shall I build today?" ... Mom likes to offer ideas like these:

  • Houses or towns from the past
  • Covered wagons or cabins
  • Trains & immigrant ships
  • Scenes of stories from our family history
James' model of the Mayflower ship

Check out this really cute stop-animation film the kids created with Legos to tell the story of the day Grandpa Ferril and his brother Rex jumped from a quickly moving train and lived to tell the tale.

What family history creations will you build?


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