Who is Patrick

Patrick is a soccer player and Patrick was a professional footballer who played as a midfielder.

Patrick's Africa cup

Patrick had two international caps for his country's national team, whom he represented at the Africa cup of nations.

When Patrick was dead and born

Patrick was born at March/26/1990 and grow up in Yaounde,Cameroon. Patrick died at May/26/2016 and was dead in Bucharest,Romania.

Patrick full name and height

Patrick full name was Patrick Claude Ekeng Ekeng and Patrick's height was 1.80(5ft)toll.

Why I choose this person

I choose this person because I wanted to be a soccer player when I grow up.


1.What was my person's full name?

2.What was Patrick's position?

3.When was Patrick born and dead?

4.What was my person height?

THANKS FOR WATCHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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