Long Weekends on the Oregon Coast A six photo story

Content and photos by Brenda J Pederson

April 2016

Although I'm technically still about 50 miles away, my heart knows I'm getting close to the Oregon coast as soon as I cross the Lewis and Clark bridge from Washington into Oregon.

I'm anxious to get to the "real" coast but accept that slow-moving traffic along the winding, mostly two-lane highway will delay the arrival at my destination. If we're moving slow enough, it gives me time to soak in the sights as I drive through rural forests and tiny towns, many of which have seen better days.

Sitting at the bar at the Bridgewater Bistro in Astoria, Oregon.

Sometimes my first stop will be Astoria. In the last several years Astoria has seen a resurgence in popularity due to a revitalization of the town. Although it's no longer a major port, it is the entry way for inland ports including Portland, 100 miles east on the Columbia River.

This was a perfect spring day on the coast. One minute it was sunny and warm, the next a cloudburst would drench you. From this vantage point in Ecola State Park, you can watch the weather blow in and then pass by.

From Astoria, Highway 101 heads south. Generally, my destination is Cannon Beach or a nearby hamlet, but I'd be happy anywhere along this coast. I come for the beaches, cliffs and waves; the power and beauty of the Pacific Ocean. The exact location isn't important. Oregon has miles of wild and wonderful coastline where I relax, reset, rejuvenate.

Haystack Rock dominates beach views in Cannon Beach.

Along the coast, all seasons are magic. It's often perfect weather when you least expect it and the opposite can be true. Fog wraps it in mystery, sun brings blinding shimmer, storms highlight nature's power; the water is too cold for swimming - although that doesn't stop the young and young-at-heart from wading until their feet are numb.

Everyone loves the beach!

A long weekend is just enough time to refresh my spirit. But, as I leave, I'm planning my return.

Weathered trees cling to dramatic cliffs and haystacks all along the wild coastline.
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