Futures Explored Online Workshop Offering virtual classrooms daily during the Covid-19 stay at home order

Dear FE Participants and Support Teams,

Thank you all for your commitment to this new style of learning. While we ALL cannot wait to be back in the real world with each of you, your commitment and consistency in coming to classes has been amazing to see and a silver lining for our staff to get to see you all each day. We will continue this format of virtual classes until at least the start of June. Staff from many Futures Explored programs are offering a wide variety of learning and recreational opportunities. Feel free to join any of them, regardless of which program you attend.


  • See the class schedule and links to zoom classes below. Requires access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone for video connection.
  • These are password protected. Reach out to a staff member for access if you did not receive the password by email.
  • Phone lines from any device can be dialed in using +1 669 900 6833 to join by phone with the 9 digit mobile id followed by #, then hit # again for participant id. Enter Password when asked.
  • Please remember to send your name, last name first, via text chat to your instructor at the end of class.
  • If classes do not start right away, just give it a few minutes for the instructor to get started.
  • If you are kicked out of the room, or the zoom is suddenly ended early DON'T PANIC! Just re-click the original zoom link in a few minutes. The instructor will restart ASAP.


Hey All! Hester here! We have a lot of exciting special guests in the next couple weeks. Please observe the following professional etiquette when in a special guest session.

  • Stay muted unless you have been called on by the instructor to ask a question. Instructors will be actively keeping you muted, but do your part.
  • If someone is unmuted and talking, we do NOT need 15 other people telling the person to mute themselves. That is the instructor's job, not yours. It only makes things more chaotic and disruptive.
  • This goes for all classes, but if you join and they are not paying attention, are asleep in front of your camera, playing video games, etc- then turn your video off at least. It is very inconsiderate looking to have someone volunteering their time to us and to see people on screen not paying attention.
  • The instructors moderate the guests and are doing their best to get to all questions and comments, but one hour is not always enough time to get to everyone. Type your question in the comments if you can, use the raise hand button feature, and be patient. If you are constantly requesting to be called on, it is less likely to happen.
  • Do not just sit in front of your screen with your hand up. We can't always see you! Use the button.
  • If you have a question, keep listening while you wait for your turn. Many times I have heard the same question already answered by our guest and then it appears we aren't giving them our respectful attention.
  • Ask thoughtful questions- remember this is a chance for you to learn from others, not just be a fan! It's okay to tell someone you like their work of course, but keep that short and have questions prepared.
  • Sample questions you can ask: "How did you first get interested in (whatever their job is)?" "Who are your role models/inspirations?" "What movies do you watch over and over?" "What is something you think we should know about you?" "What is the most underrated job on a film set?"

Technical Problems?

Call or text Nikko DeLuna for assistance over the phone. By email at nikkodeluna@futures-explored.org or Rob Livings at roblivings@futures-explored.org Get help via chat on our discord chat server

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Class Offerings on Zoom

Schedule and Links

Daily Schedule

See below for Monday's Classes



Coffee/Socialization: Kristen/Raquel

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86561021609Meeting ID 865-6102-1609 Phone # 1 669 900 6833


Social Hour: Lena

Should there be a limit on how much a person can earn per hour?

https://zoom.us/j/523980009 - Meeting ID: 523980009 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Discussion: Greatest Directors- Randy

https://zoom.us/j/947319170 Meeting ID: 947319170 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Color and Draw: Josh/Gina



Film Genres: Vince

https://zoom.us/j/426133949 Meeting ID: 426133949 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Special Guest: Kane Hodder- Rob

The only actor to play the masked serial killer Jason more than once; Kane Hodder is a Stunt Performer & Actor best known for portraying Jason Voorhees in four (4) of the Friday the 13th films, Victor Crowley in the Hatchet Quadrilogy, and Leatherface in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III.


Directing Comedy: Nikko

https://zoom.us/j/616137693 Meeting ID: 616137693 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Zoom Training: Kaity

https://zoom.us/j/200750248 Meeting ID: 200750248 Phone: +1 669 900 6833



Exercise: Shaboo/Linda



Book Club : Alexis/Sheila

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81450601795Meeting ID 814-5060-1795


Back to the Future: Film Discussion- Kelley

https://zoom.us/j/514585866 Meeting ID: 514585866 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

History of the Mayans: Zach

https://zoom.us/j/911425448 Meeting ID: 911425448 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Production Design: George

https://zoom.us/j/179203249 Meeting ID: 179203249 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Book Club: Ricky


Music: Charles/James



Special Guest: Anson Mount- Hester

He is known for his television roles as Cullen Bohannon in the AMC western drama series Hell on Wheels, Jim Steele on the short-lived NBC series Conviction, the Marvel Comics superhero Black Bolt in Marvel's Inhumans, and Captain Christopher Pike in season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery. He also appeared in the film Crossroads (2002).

https://zoom.us/j/607831854 Meeting ID: 607831854 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Music: Joey

https://zoom.us/j/834418683 Meeting ID: 834418683 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Photoshop: Grey

https://zoom.us/j/992499589 Meeting ID: 992499589 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Dancersize: Raquel/Gina

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89395735935Meeting ID 893-9573-5939


History of Golden Age Horror: Tony

https://zoom.us/j/823557008 Meeting ID: 823557008 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Pet Therapy: Jose/Mayra


Cirque de Soleil: Katie/Raquel

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84009091172Meeting ID 840-0909-1172

Tuesday's Schedule...



Music: Alan/Kristen



Special Guest- Travis Ayers: Rob

Travis is a proud Ohio native who graduated from the George A. Romero School of Digital Film with a degree in Film and Media. He has been a lifelong fan of films, which led him to become the Public Relations Director at Row House Cinema. Travis offers his 8+ years of social media marketing and management services, along with managing the booking and appearances for The Room’s Greg Sestero and Troll 2’s George Hardy.

https://zoom.us/j/523980009 Meeting ID: 523980009 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Post-Production: Nikko

https://zoom.us/j/887097451 Meeting ID: 887097451 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Disneyland-Top 10 rides: Kristen/Dezi

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87920969839. Meeting ID 879-2096-9839


Producing 101: Vince

https://zoom.us/j/426133949 Meeting ID: 426133949 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Job Development: ADA-Lena

https://zoom.us/j/890950700 Meeting ID: 890950700 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Directing: Randy

https://zoom.us/j/200750248 Meeting ID: 200750248 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Yoga: Jessica/Lynette

https://zoom.us/j/9930622007 Meeting ID: 9930622007 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Poetry Reading- Ciara/Cindy



Glass Blowing: Stacey/Kelley

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81450601795 Meeting ID 814-5060-1795


Alternative History: Zach

What if south won civil war?

https://zoom.us/j/514585866 Meeting ID: 514585866 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Magic(Coins): Chris

https://zoom.us/j/911425448 Meeting ID: 911425448 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Ukelele: Grey

https://zoom.us/j/179203249 Meeting ID:179203249 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Step by Step: Mitra/Victor

https://zoom.us/j/9930622007 Meeting ID: 9930622007 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Talk and Tea: Judy/Kyoko



Job Applications: Lynnell

https://zoom.us/j/607831854 Meeting ID: 607831854 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Stress Management/Light Exercise: Kaity

https://zoom.us/j/834418683 Meeting ID: 834418683 Phone: +1 669 900 6833

Stretching: Liz/Annette

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89395735935. Meeting ID 893-9573-5939


George - Resume Writing

https://zoom.us/j/823557008 Meeting ID: 823 557 008

Nikko - Cinematic Lighting Theory

https://sjsu.zoom.us/j/98285411950 Meeting ID: 982 8541 1950

Baking: Jessica P.


Cooking: Sara/Dezi

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84009091172. Meeting ID 840-0909-1172

See below for Wednesday's class schedule






Making A Reel: Rob


Screenwriting 101: Randy


Music Trivia: Kayla/Jennifer

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87920969839Meeting ID 879-2096-9839


Microsoft Office: Vince

Microsoft/Google Office for Filmmakers


Editing: Dom


Superheroes and Comics: Samantha


Cooking: Gina


Model Trains: Jeff/Liz



National Parks: Katie/Alan

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81450601795. Meeting ID 814-5060-1795


Michael - Photography Critique

https://zoom.us/j/911425448Meeting ID: 911 425 448

Production Design: George


Screenwriting: Nikko


Movement: Brandie


Movie Appreciation: Jose/Adam


Anime- Ricki/Gina



Special Guest: David Zimmerman- Hester

Producer, Casting Director, Teacher, Coach, Writer, Actor, Director. David has been coaching actors and putting together workshops for over a decade. He is the Creator and Producer of the "MEET THE BIZ" workshops, which looks to make diversity a common place and bridges the gap between ability and disability. As a personal coach, he has been hired by production companies such as Ryan Murphy's ground breaking series NIP/TUCK and worked on Michael Patrick King's, LOVE YOU MORE


Becoming a Production Assistant (PA)- Jay


Body Groove: Lynnell


Scavenger Hunt: Martha/Tootie

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89395735935 Meeting ID 893-9573-5939


Producing: Jay


Journaling: Adam


Tony Melendez-Bio/Music-- Ofelia/Kelly

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84009091172Meeting ID 840-0909-1172

See below for Thursday's classes...

The first person to email Nikko - nikkodeluna@futures-explored.org with the correct answer to ALL FIVE questions by the end of the day on Thursday wins a small prize. Everyone who submits all the answers will win a smaller, sweeter prize. Prize distribution subject to our return to workshop. The Questions will not be available until Thursday! Questions will be posted by 10am on Thursday morning.


1. In The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, how long has Earths demolition plans been on display (in Earth Years)?

2. In the Notebook, what is Allie doing when Noah sees her for the first time?

3. In the movie of the same name, what object is Drop Dead Fred imprisoned in?

4. Who won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2020? (2nd Q: Which iconic star did she play?)

5. According to Forbes, who is the highest-paid Bollywood actor as of 2019?

Jakob Litfin won a copy of Power Director last week. Who will win this week? All submissions are eligible for a smaller, tiny prize!

Jakob's Prize
See below for Thursday's schedule...



Cyber Security: Dom

https://zoom.us/j/523980009 Phone: +16699006833

Characters/Collaborative Story Kaity

https://zoom.us/j/947319170 Phone: +16699006833


Music Video: Vince

https://zoom.us/j/426133949 Phone: +16699006833

Job Development: Cannabis and CA Law Lena

https://zoom.us/j/890950700 Phone: +16699006833

Acting 101: Samantha

https://zoom.us/j/200750248 Phone: +16699006833

Scavenger Hunt: Mayra

https://zoom.us/j/9930622007 Phone: +16699006833

Storytelling: Sheila/Rachel



Women's Group: Sara/Dezi

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81450601795Meeting ID 814-5060-1795


Special Guest Returns!! Marque Richardson- Jay

https://zoom.us/j/514585866 Phone: +16699006833

Free Music in Films: Rob

https://zoom.us/j/911425448 Phone: +16699006833

Art in Film: Brandie

https://zoom.us/j/179203249 Phone: +16699006833

Show and Tell: Daisy/Liz

https://zoom.us/j/9930622007Phone: +16699006833

Virtual Farm Tour: Annette/Jessica



Alternate History Q&A: Zach

https://zoom.us/j/607831854Phone: +16699006833

Special Guest: James Rich- Hester

James is an improv actor and will discuss improv techniques.

https://zoom.us/j/834418683 Phone: +16699006833

Back to the Future Discussion: Kelley


Film Theory: Breakdown and Concepts-Nikko

https://zoom.us/j/337480221Phone: +16699006833

Cooking w/Christina: Domnita/Judy

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89395735935. Meeting ID 893-9573-5939


Chris: Magic


Music: Chris/Elizabeth


80's/90's TV Themes: Shakendra/Kelly

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84009091172Meeting ID 840-0909-1172

Keep scrolling for Friday's class schedule



Aquarium tour: Kristen/Dezi



Special Guest: Debbie Behrman- Rob/Sam

Debbie Berman is a South African film and television editor. She is best known for her editing work on multiple movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Spider-Man: Homecoming, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel.

https://zoom.us/j/523980009 Phone: +16699006833 ID:523980009

Magic the Gathering: Dom

https://zoom.us/j/947319170 Phone: +16699006833 ID: 947319170

Men's Group: Jason/Alan



Producing: Vince

https://zoom.us/j/426133949 Phone: +16699006833 ID: 426133949

Social Hour: Lena

If someone was going to be borrowing your body for the next few months, what would you want them to know about the way your body works?

https://zoom.us/j/890950700. Phone: +16699006833 ID: 890950700

Working on set Q&A- Samantha


Chair Exercise: Mitra/Jenny

https://zoom.us/j/9930622007 Phone: +16699006833 ID: 9930622007

Movie Songs: Kyoko/Josh



Book Club: Harry Potter- Ciara/Ricki



Social Hour/Music: Joey

https://zoom.us/j/514585866 Phone: +16699006833 ID: 514585866

Production Design: George

https://zoom.us/j/911425448 Phone: +16699006833 ID: 911425448

Origami: Brandie

https://zoom.us/j/179203249 Phone: +16699006833 ID: 179203249

Karaoke: Lynette/Priya

https://zoom.us/j/9930622007 Phone: +16699006833 ID: 9930622007

Pet Sharing/Josh and Shaboo



Potential History: Zach

Could the central powers have won world war 1?

https://zoom.us/j/607831854. Phone: +16699006833 ID: 607831854

Magic(Cards): Chris


Branding and Marketing: Kaity

https://zoom.us/j/992499589. Phone: +16699006833 ID: 992499589

Cavalia Part 2: Dezi/Martina

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89395735935. Meeting ID 893-9573-5939


Special Guest: Yennifer Behrens: Rob

Yennifer is an Actress, Writer, Director & Producer. She has over 25 years experience in the industry and is best known for her acting roles in How to Get Away with Murder, Young Sheldon, Dave, General Hospital and most recently, The Way Back, alongside Ben Affleck.


Creative Writing: Jay

https://zoom.us/j/823557008Phone: +16699006833 ID: 823557008

Dungeons & Dragons: Dom


Socialization: Gena/Jenny


Meditation: Kelly/Joan

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84009091172Meeting ID 840-0909-1172

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This week’s free playlist of 3 unique films: http://sproutflix.org/virtual-sprout-film-festival-5-17-20/. Please note that this week’s playlist and the three previous playlists will all remain active for as long as this stay-at-home order is in effect.

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