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Oil Spills

*Spilling left over oil causes living things to suffer.

*Since most oil floats, the animals that are most affected are sea otters and sea lions. As well as all the animals that are within the surface of the water.

*more than 2,100,000 gallons of oil gets into our ocean.

How does it happen

* People being careless and mistakes

* Equipment breaking down

*Fuel leaking from ships

*Pouring it on purpose by terrorists for countries at war

"Light" and "Heavy" Oils

"Light" oils- These are fuel oils like gasoline and diesel. This oil evaporates quickly in just a few days. This oil is still harmful and can ignite and explode. It is also toxic and can kill plants and animals if they touch.

"Heavy" Oils- These oils are called "bunker" oils. They are the oils that come from bigger vehicles like a ship. These oils take months or even years to evaporate. These oils are the most harmful and do the most damage to our ocean.


Not only does this affect the plants and animals living in the water but it also affects our ecosystem. Each year the government spends about one million dollars towards cleaning the oceans to get rid of the water. Imagine what we could do with that money if we did not have to spend it on that.

Graph over time


Giant Underwater Dome- This Underwater Dome will go under the water and suck in all the oil. This dome will be able to hold up to 2,000 barrels of oil and will be taken out weekly and put back in to take out more. Over time this will have a dramatic change on our economy. In the meantime, we will educate more people on why spilling oil is bad and make sure we find a cause for this. It is important to make sure the oil spills decrease

Cons- Some issues that may arise is the cost of building this invention. This will be pretty pricey but since it will be reusable, it will be worth it. Since the government already pays 1 million dollars to clean this. Also animals can be endangered if they hit the dome or small fish get caught in the filter.

Pros- This will clean up some of the oil that is in the water and will help the plants and animals and our economy.


The oceans will be cleaner and more animals and plants will be alive. This is also very important and will help our economy.

If we do nothing, then we will have dirty water and the animals and plants become endangered. This can also contaminate our drinking water over time.







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