AH R&D Image Research & Design

Hello! I'm Matt Buchholz. I runĀ Alternate Histories, where I insert monsters, robots, zombies, and other pop sci-fi creatures into old maps & photos. BUT! Did you know I also create designs and do image research for clients? I specialize in hard to find maps & photos, and in creating pieces that mimic the look and feel of vintage ephemera. Interested in working with me? Get in touch!

Below are some samples of my work. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter if you're so inclined. Or just email me to get the ball rolling.

IBC Gallery wall

When the Independent Brewing Company opened in 2014 in Pittsburgh, they opened with virtually no art on the walls. I hung my work there and it remained until 2017 when at their request, I reimagined their entire dining room with a gallery wall featuring over 50 of my designs.

2017. Independent Brewing Company


At Lorelei, a beer hall & restaurant in East Liberty, they wanted a mascot of softs: a "Catpertinger," who would be a play on the German Wolpertinger rabbit with antlers. I was happy to oblige with this feline version who also shows up on menus, t-shirts, and even the bar manager's tattoo!

2018. Lorelei.

Pittsburgh vintage mixer

Twice I've created posters (and subsequent print & online materials) for the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer, a local fair whose aesthetic fits in with my 1950s camp/sci-fi sensibilities.

2015, 2017. Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer

Ghoul on ghoul

Pittsburgh podcast Ghoul on Ghoul was looking for a logo for their new show and reached out to me. After some back and forth we settled on a retro, 1930s Halloween Card meets The Peanuts look, with little "ghouls" who look like the hosts Amanda and Sarah.

2018. Ghoul on Ghoul.

Image research

A client wanted some distinctive vintage maps and images of Pittsburgh for a restaurant project, maps that hadn't been seen that often. The project ended up not happening, but I sourced a bunch of amazing, rare images from the Heinz History Center archives.

IBC Pint glass

The Independent Brewing Company wanted a monstrous glass to match my gallery wall, so I created this ship at sea, beset by a giant tentacle clutching a barrel of beer. Cheers!

2016. Independent Brewing Company.

PGH CITy paper box

In 2013 I was one of several artists selected by the Pittsburgh City Paper to rebrand one of their distribution boxes. My approach was to repurpose 1890s vaudeville & magian ads to sell the City Paper itself. Look for the box downtown near the main PNC building! Photo by Dan Thompson.

2013. Pittsburgh City Paper.

East End Brewing

While I was helping run social media & events for East End Brewing in Pittsburgh, I had the opportunity to design some logos and labels for them. This "Partly Clahdy" logo was a challenge to integrate the company logo but also fit in all the legalese that's needed for a beer label.

2017. East End Brewing.

Personal archives

Including classic movie posters, maps, engravings, lithographs, and 1930s-era postcard booklets (pictured), I've got tons of reference material and archival sources for use. Looking for something special? Let me know!

I'm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have a degree from NYU, I love my dog, and I've been making art professionally since 2010.