Pieter Bruegel The Elder By: connor labrecque

Pieter Bruegel was born in Breda, Netherlands in 1525. He spent most of his life in Antwerp and died in Brussels.

Even though most of his childhood is unknown, Pieter was trained in the workshop of Pieter Coecke van Aelst.

He was very down to earth and spent his days around peasants and in the villages. He enjoyed practical jokes and old proverbs. Many people respected Bruegel and his lifestyle.

Bruegel's style of work consisted of paintings and drawings including Seven Deadly Sins, Children's Games, and The Blind Leading the Blind.

He did not have too many patrons his only true patron was his longtime friend Nicolaes Jonghelinck.

Most of Bruegel’s work incorporated scenery using perspectivism, gave them a natural look with naturalism, and a few of his works did relate to religion and classicism.

The name of this piece is, Hay Making.

It was created in 1565.

The painting is located in a museum and in archives. After his death, Bruegel’s art has gained popularity and understanding, spreading his work

This piece was made with oil on oak wood. and belonged from Bruegel’s six painting series, “The Seasons.”

To me, the piece is a scenic view of hay-fields. You can see the fieldworkers harvesting and hauling the hay. In the background is a beautiful view of a village and cliff. In the distance is a valley and beautiful green nature. This piece uses color well to represent nature.

This piece is a great example of naturalism, because he goes into depth showing the aspects of nature and spends a lot of time putting details into the greenery and fields.

This piece is interesting because of its theme and amount of detail put in. The colors also stick out and create a sense of real life.

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