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I want to know a difference of a soccer ball and a volleyball: Compare and contrast paragraph. This article is about volleyball and soccer.

Volleyball and Soccer

Both soccer balls and volleyballs have inflatable bladder. Soccer ball has 32 hexagon stitches but volleyball doesn’t volleyball has 16 stitches. It still has relative pattern. It is also the same size.A volleyball has much lighter weight. A soccer ball is 70cm and 450 g. A volleyball is 67 cm and 270 g. It still use same materials.The volleyball is also very similar to a soccer ball. A volleyball is the half the weight of the soccer ball.

I want to know how to play volleyball. (Sequence paragraph)

On a soccer team there are always 11 players on both sides. Most soccer matches will be on the pitch or sometimes indoors. Some people call soccer football but it is still the same. Soccer has been played by people around the world and have had 250 millions plays. That is about 200 countries. There will always be 2 teams. Players aren’t allowed to touch the ball with their hands unless they are the goalkeeper. At the end of the match,the team that scores the most points wins. The player who scores them most points for the team most is called man of the match. The first country that played soccer is England, London in 1863.

I want to know how to play volleyball. (Sequence paragraph)

First, you need 6 players on each team. Then you want 2 rows of players close to the net as possible. The back row stays closest to the boundary of the court. The person on the back right corner will serve the ball to the other team. The team members rotate around clockwise. In order to win, a team needs 25 points but 2 points ahead of the other team.


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