6 April 2017/10 Nissan 5777

Term 1 Week 10

Shabbat Commences 5.48pm/Shabbat terminates 6.42pm

From the Principal

Little Shop Of Horrors

I could think of a name that is the antithesis of Carmel School, it would be "Little Shop of Horrors".

There are no man eating plants here and no sadistic dentists.

A" Little Shop of Horrors" is exactly what we are not. Over the past year and a quarter, I have come to love and appreciate that Carmel is a" Little Shop of Excellence ", and a" Little Shop of Kindness".

Our staff and students strive for excellence in teaching and learning, forever reaching out to one another with consideration and empathy, creating the most powerful, wonderful learning community I have ever seen.

But as amazing as Carmel is, there was something missing, and that something was a High School musical.

In my view, an event like a school musical is important for many reasons but the following two are the most impactful.

Firstly, a musical builds school spirit. If you want to develop a sense of community and belonging, the people in that community need to build something together. They need to work towards a common goal, a goal that calls on the varying talents of many to achieve success. This is what a school musical does. The people engaged with the musical become a team. They commit to something seriously ambitious, something that is going to be bigger than the sum of its parts. And as the rehearsals become labour intensive, they encourage each other, worry for each other, support each other, tell each other, ‘you can do it, we can do it’, cheering, as school mates and friends in turn, take and own the stage.

This “Little Shop of Horrors” has been a labour of love.

It has built friendships within and across the year levels.

It has bonded students and staff.

It is a group triumph.

And it is something of which the whole school community can be immensely proud.

But a musical is also important for the individual. Carmel is known for being a highly academic school. Every year we feature as one of the top schools in WA for WACE. In the main, our students are conscientious and driven, they strive to get into the top courses at the top universities and they get there with room to spare. But being an academic school is not our reason detre. We are a school for Jewish children. We are, and must always be, a place where all Jewish children are welcomed, valued and celebrated and graduate with a solid Jewish education and a strong Jewish identity. There are some children who are not particularly academic. However, they too need their place in the sun. And while maths might not be their thing, give them a microphone and watch them shine! There are students for whom this musical has been the making of them. They walk with their head held high, feeling confident, knowing that they have a medium to show their peers and community just how talented they really are.

We thank our VAPA staff, Leanne Benn Mazjner, Phynia Anastis, Michael Duthie and Peter King have put in countless hours for this musical. They have lived nothing else for the past 8 months and the result is spectacular. We also thank Mandy Kezurer for helping our students with choreography and to Johanna Majzner for doing backup vocals.

We also thank our students – both on stage and off – who have rehearsed after school and on Sundays for weeks on end, ensuring that this production was nothing short of spectacular.

What a way to end the term!


The Sunday evening performance of "Little Shop Of Horrors" was enjoyed by the VIP's

And that’s a wrap!

After a sell-out season, the curtain has come down on the Carmel School musical," Little Shop of Horrors". The reviews are in, and there is strong consensus that this was a wonderful performance that aptly demonstrated the depth of skills and talent in our school. Students, staff, parents and community members alike all raved about the performance, calling it ‘amazing’ and ‘wonderful’ and ‘high standard’ with many proclaiming ‘I wish I could see it again.’ The musical would not have been possible without the countless hours of effort, support and practice put in by dedicated staff and students, in particular the Visual and Performing Arts staff. Everyone involved is looking forward to a well-deserved break, and all of the Carmel community are already asking ‘when is the next one?’ Watch this space!

Thanks to all who helped make" Little Shop of Horrors" a great success!

Primary School News

Year 2.2 are artists!

Over the past four weeks Miss Ntoumenopoulos's Year 2.2 class has enjoyed art lessons with Morah Leanne in the High School . The Year 2's were excited to develop their artistic talents and create pinch pot monsters using clay. Morah Leanne was very impressed with the Year 2s creativity and passion for art.

We can't wait to return again soon!

Year 2 create scary monsters from clay

Pesach Celebrations in the Primary School

Matzah Bakeries

The Primary School held a wonderful morning on Tuesday with Rabbi White who was the chief matzah baker. He taught the children how to make the dough, roll it out , prick it with a fork and bake it in less than 18 minutes! They students ate their matzah and reported that it was delicious! We are so grateful to Rabbi White for the amazing hands on experiences he provides for our students

Kindy and Year 3 Matzah bakery

Kindy enjoy the Matzah bakery with their Year 3 Buddies

Prep Matzah Bakery

Year 1 and 2 Matzah Bakery

Year 5 Seder with parents

The Year 5s and their parents enjoyed a wonderful, ruach filled Seder on Tuesday night as part of the parent - child learning journey. They sang all the songs of the Hagaddah and enjoyed a variety of quizzes, games and video clips as part of the evening. The food was delicious and served by the wonderful Year 6 students who fulfilled the role of waiters and waitresses. The highlight of the evening was the parents rendition of Chad Gadyah. Many thanks to the Jewish studies staff for preparing the students so well over the past few weeks. It was a night to remember

Year 5 enjoyed the Seder with their parents

Kindy Seder

On Wednesday the Kindy children participated in a Kindy Seder . The children enthusiastically sang songs from the Haggadah and recited the brachot for the different food.

They answered questions displaying a great knowledge. The children enjoyed delicious soup and kneidelach at their festive meal. They are definitely ready for their seder at home.

Kindy's enjoying the Seder

Year 1-6 Seder Celebration

The years 1-6 students celebrated Pesach yesterday with a fantastic Seder in the hall. Year 6 students sat amongst the younger students to guide them through the Hagaddah and games.

Morah Hart and Morah Galanti's dance troupe provided excellent dance entertainment during the meal.

The secular staff participated in the chad gadyah singalong which was enjoyed by the students.

All In all it was a great experience for all and a memorable Seder. Chag sameach!

By Ari Jacobson

The Year 1-6 Seder was enjoyed by all

Year 5 Hebrew

Students are hard at work in Ivrit lessons writing a conversation to dramatise for the class at the end of the week.

Primary School Collect for Menora Charity

The Primary School students collected lots of kosher le pesach food items for the Menorah charity fund. Mrs Bensky accompanied by Zach Benn from Habonim came along to pick up the food. Thanks to all parents and students for your ongoing generosity to the needy in our community.

Friendly Chess Match

On Wednesday the Yokine Chess Club came to Carmel to play a friendly match. The children played skilfully and showed good sportsmanship. We are looking forward to our next match next term.

Carmel and Yokine Primary do battle in chess

Congratulations to the Primary School Solar Challenge Team

Yesterday two teams from Carmel School competed in the Synergy Solar Car Challenge. One team from Year 8 and a Team from Year 6. A mixture of enthusiasm and expertise proved to be an unbeatable combination for the primary school team who won the Year 6 grand final. The perfect weather conditions allowed Caleb Prag, Asher Manasseh, Eli Leib and Josh Fuhr to demonstrate their understanding of solar energy. Congratulations.

Well done to our Year 6 Solar Car Challenge Winners!

High School Sport

Year 9 Bike Ed

The Yr 9s wrapped up their cycling preparation for the PES camp later in the year with a final ride around the river. They could not have ordered a better day. The cool, calm weather made for easy peddling and the Maylands' environs were at their best with the river like a mill pond. The ride took in some of the local historical features - the old brick kilns, Maylands boat yard and Tranby house plus some points of cultural significance. The Bilya Kard Boodja lookout with views of the CBD and the Claisebrook inlet with the new stadium taking shape in the background. The students travelled the 17km with relative ease and have committed to maintaining a regular riding schedule throughout the year until the camp.

Year 9 Bike Ed

Carmel P & F support Limmud

The Jewish community came together the weekend before last to support Limmud. Carmel's P & F was there outside the High School kitchen greeting and lending support as caterers for morning tea. Mountains of bagels, kindly donated by The Kosher Providore and delicious cakes supplied by Cafe 61 were dished up along with fresh cut fruit and beverages. All this for only a gold coin donation.

We also revealed our target for this year which is to support the building of a High School Outdoor Improvement project including a covered walkway between the Kadima building and the rest of the high school.

Thank you for the generous support from The Kosher Providore and Cafe 61 who both have fabulous offerings for Pesach, Thank you as well to the volunteers who gave up part of their Sunday to support us, and Limmud. Elise in the Food Tech area of the school was also invaluably helpful as well.

Uniform Shop Holiday Opening Hours

The Uniform Shop will be open during the holidays on

Thursday 20th April from 1.30pm – 3.30pm and

Friday 21st April from 10.30am – 12.30pm

Cyber Safety workshop – High School parents

The world of social media & technology is fast becoming the centre of our children’s universe. It can be a challenging task for parents to stay on top of the dangers of social media and technology, while monitoring their child’s online behaviour and finding balance.

At 6pm on Tuesday 3 May, we are offering a workshop for high school parents to learn more about managing children’s technology use, including an introduction into the most popular social media platforms and practical tips for keeping kids safe online. We will also cover information on setting boundaries around technology, online behaviour management, and tools for managing technology both in and outside of the home.

If you’ve ever struggled with getting your kids off their games and into bed, worried about knowing what your child is accessing online, or felt concerned that your child was spending too much time in the digital world, this workshop is for you!

Please register for this event here:

This is an important school event for all high school parents to attend.

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