Francisco de Coronado By supna p

-Francisco de Coronado was born in Buiggs, Spain in the year of 1510 and died on September 22, 1554 in Mexico City, Mexico of a infectious disease.

-His career before he was a explorer he was a navigator/sailor/nobleman.

-Then he got married to Beatriz de Estrada. He did not have any kids.

-His dad was Juan Vásquez de Coronado Sosa de Ullao and his mother was Isabella de Coronado Luján.

-The reason behind Coronado becoming a explorer and Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean is because he wanted to claim more land for Spain from the New World, wanted to make the country Spain wealthy, he wanted fame and wealth for himself, and he wanted to spread Christianity.

-Coronado was sponcered by Antonio de Mendoza the viceroy of Mexico, his wife also helped in paying for the exploration equipment.

- Coronado's route of exploration started in Spain, Europe, he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and landed in Cibola, Mexico. Then he traveled with his men through the Grand Canyon and then marched northern east all the way to Kansas. Then he went around the Oklahoma area then returned to Kansas. Then ended his exploration and went back to Spain, Europe.

The impact Coronado came back with towards his country was had its pros and cons. When Coronado came back to Europe he came back with disgrace towards his home country. He knew that he had spread Christianity but at the same time he had killed a slave just because the Native slave had told a false lie towards him. He had came back and told his country that he had found a big canyon that we know as now as the Grand Canyon and found the river that leads into the Grand Canyon.The river we know as now as the Rio Grande. Then in 1554, he sadly died in Mexico City of Mexico on September 22, 1554 of an infectious disease. Francisco Vásquez de Coronado was a very important explorer in our history and made very big impacts toward the future of the world.

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