Conception and Birth By Makinzey stroud

Conception is the union between an egg (ovum) and a sperm; Also known as fertilization.

When an ovum becomes mature it is released to the ovary every month. It will then move to the Fallopian tube, also known as the Oviduct. The ovum will only become fertilized if a sperm is present.
Fertilization occurs in the upper-third portion of the Fallopian tube.
The ovum continues to divide and move through the Oviduct. The dividing of the cells will create a bunch of cells in one cluster. It takes four days for the eggs to reach the uterus.
During those four days the hereditary of the offspring is chosen. Hereditary is the passing of characteristics between the parents to the child.
There are 23 chromosomes in each of the parents. One of the chromosomes determines the sex of the offspring.
Because there are 23 chromosomes in both parties the offspring will end up with 46 chromosomes.
Two of the chromosomes will be with one trait. However, if one gene for that trait is different one will over ride the other. Example: Brown eyes will be taking over instead of the blue eyes.
The sex chromosomes that are passed on also determines the gender of the offspring. The female sex chromosomes are XX so the female will pas on an X. The male sex chromosomes are XY; therefore, if the male passes on a Y chromosome it will be a male. But if an X chromosome it will be female.
After the ovum reaches the uterus, the ovum will attach to the endometrium, or the uterus lining, which is anchored down by the umbilical cord.
The offspring is called an embryo for the first two months after conception.
During the first trimester, the first three months, the embryo will have some great developments. The end of the first month the embryo will have a heartbeat, a two-lobed brain, and a spinal cord.
By the end of the second month the embryo becomes a fetus. After two months the fetuses arms, legs, fingers, toes, ears, and can then be determined as female or male.
By the end of the first trimester the fetus will be three inches long and will weigh approximately an ounce
By the end of the fourth month, it's now the second trimester, the fetus will have fingernails, toenails, eyebrows, eyelashes, and the lips will begin to form along with its teeth. Head hair may also begin to grow.
Movement of the fetus can then be felt my the monther and the fetus can bend its arms and can create a fist. By the fifth month the he heartbeat can be heard by a stethoscope.
By the new of the second trimester, the fetus will be about 12 inches long and one pound in weight.
By the third trimester the baby can be ready to be born; however, the baby can be born prematurely. Which means, the baby was born before the 37 weeks of pregnancy.
A premature baby will not be fully developed as the babies born between 38 and 40 weeks. It will have underdeveloped lungs.
There are many stages that women face while getting ready and while giving birth. The first stage is dilation of the cervix. Also known as labor. This happens to be the longest stage out of the three.
The second stage is the delivery of the baby. Which happens when the cervix is completely dilated. Crowning is when you see the head. The third and final stage is delivery of the placenta, or known as when the umbilical cord is out and the process of separating the child from the mother.
All my reasurch is from "Health and wellness" by meeks heit.

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