Will Technology Take Over the World? By Darren tian

In the beginning, when humans didn’t have any technologies we had today, they used everything they had to make tools. They melted rocks and they created metal, they cut bamboo trees and built furniture, but today, we have robots, we have phones. All sorts of technology surrounding us, getting more and more involved in our daily lives.

Children are using technology in the classroom and learning using technology.

So...What Technologies Do We Already Have?

With the modern day technologies, we are having lots of new technologies that is created and even more developing. Some examples we have today is that we can control our own home,(switching on the lights, check who is outside, etc…) with just our smartphones. Also, robots today can do more than we think, robots can be farmers, and they can plant things or even harvest crops. Thanks to these robots, soldiers would not need to risk their lives to do dangerous missions, for example, spying the enemy base, or planting a bomb, humans don’t need to do this anymore because the robots would replace them. Robots today can do many things, but what makes it more surprising is that experts think that our technology can be developed more.

And Now...What Technologies Is In the Process Of Making Or Technology That May Change Our World?

Robots have been around from 1495 till today, even though they have been in our world for a long time, but experts think robots can be developed more, and they might be able to work better than humans. Robots may be able to think like humans as early as 2025. This creates a little problem. If robots can think like humans, would robots do bad things like humans do? Another technology that is in the process of designing and planning is linking people’s brains into computers, and then people would use similar technology to turn people into part-machine, part-human. So this means that robots/technology could replace humans and this might cause robots taking over the world. Robots are also a huge part of technology.

Is It Possible That Robots Will Take Over Our Jobs?

Now we know that robots can do many different tasks, Will robots take over our jobs? This the experts are not sure yet, but we can see the possibilities because of some jobs starting to take over humans’ jobs and working more efficiently than humans. Some examples of this is a stockroom worker, they can scan at least 300 items every day and they can work a lot more efficiently than humans. They can also prevent humans from walking 20 miles every day. Scientist Trevor Darrell says,”The next five or ten years, the abilities of smart devices will multiply by orders of magnitude.” Meaning that technology will be developing faster than ever. Experts think that Artificial Intelligence(A.I) can make humans better or they can take over our jobs. So what is Artificial Intelligence exactly?

Robot cooking food in Japan

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is intelligence that is programmed before and that is put into robots. The reason experts think that artificial intelligence is good because it is already programmed for the robot and it is inserted into the robot’s brain. Some examples of artificial intelligence are the smart assistant Siri, it can understand what you're saying and it can also respond. Artificial intelligence is extremely useful in our lives and it huge to modern day technology.

Robots being able to think like humans as early as 2025

Even though Artificial intelligence is really useful in our lives, some people like CEO of Tesla Motors warns about artificial intelligence, he says “...if A.I is much smarter than a person, what do we do?” Meaning that if we give too much information to a robot, they might become a superhuman, and have the possibility to do anything. And so we need to be careful of artificial intelligence.

Technology has been developing fast today, and in the future, they will become more powerful. Technology will be more and more involved in our lives, and technology will do all things for us. Artificial intelligence has been a great part of our lives, but CEO of Tesla warns us about artificial intelligence. In the past, when people had no technology, people had to walk miles and miles to go get water. Today, we have water pumps that go straight to our house. All we need is walk to the sink, and there is water. In the future, there might even have a robot get water for you. It is crazy to see how much our modern world has been developing! All of this text above has explained about technology and we can see a big possibility that technology might take over the world.


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