Talking Waters Brewing Company Montevideo, MN

Being a craft beer drinker and home brewer for over a decade, Nick Patton saw an opportunity for a new business in Montevideo, Minnesota. Patton and partners, Phil Zachman and John Skoglund, often referred to the area as a “craft beer desert.” So, instead of searching far and wide for new craft beers to enjoy, they decided to start up a brewery and make their own.

“The idea of opening our own brewery seemed a little crazy, but the lack of options (for craft beer), made Montevideo a great location candidate for the business.”

That “crazy” idea became a reality in July 2016 when Talking Waters Brewing Company was opened. The guys spend two to three days a week brewing up and perfecting new creations in their downtown Montevideo location. From IPAs to cream ales, sours, stouts, and everything in between—Talking Waters has become a hit in the rural community.

“Our small team is extremely passionate about what we do. Our goal has always been to be better every day and we have pretty high standards for the products we put out. Between that and this community really rallying around us to help spread the Talking Waters brand—those have been the biggest factors in our success.”

To thank Montevideo for their continued support, Talking Waters hosts a variety of community-oriented events to help local causes and bring people together. Community Pint Night is a monthly event in which one dollar of every pint sold that night is donated to a local organization. They also host events such as trivia, yoga and beer, live music, an annual 5K, and more. Talking Waters takes pride in their ability to help the community that has helped and supported them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Patton says one of the best parts of owning a business in a rural community is the relationships that come along with it. He enjoys getting to know the customers, hearing their beer feedback and ideas, and just hanging out on "the other side of the bar" from time to time.

Because of the relationships they've built, requests for Talking Waters beers are heard far beyond their taproom in Montevideo. You can find a wide selection of their beer on tap and in liquor stores all across southwest and central Minnesota.

Patton, Zachman, and Skoglund followed their dreams of owning a business, and now they get to go to work and do what they love everyday in a community that supports them every step of the way.

“Being able to watch people enjoy our beer—whether it is in the taproom or out in the wild via can—it makes all the work worthwhile.”