The Primary STEM team were delighted to welcome the 23 schools who engaged in the Lesson Study project with us this year to our Shared Learning Day. The event was the culmination of months of work by teachers who had committed to improving their own practice through collaboration. Teachers became researchers of their own practice through their investigation of innovative pedagogical approaches, with careful consideration of pupil learning.

Photo highlights of the day

We were delighted to be joined by Tracy Curran, Education Officer, NCCA, who shared her own experiences of Lesson Study with us on the day. Teachers, in turn shared their experiences of Lesson Study with each other, when they presented their posters and shared some activities which they had found useful. This collaborative activity provided rich opportunities for skills development, discussion, collegiality and reflection.

We hope you enjoy some of the highlights of the day below.

23 Primary Schools from all over Ireland took part in the Lesson Study, where teachers formed a small group to collaboratively explore teaching and learning through the design, conduct and reflection of a research lesson. The participating schools are highlighted on the map below;

Each school presented a poster which included their school context, goal, research question, planning process and teachers' reflections on the project.