Self Care Essential oil style

What happens in this program?....

It is a closed facebook group with my ongoing support, to teach you how to become your own essential oil expert and really look after YOU. You will receive an exciting bundle of oils and products to see you though the week, along with a daily video and mini tasks to do, which are fun and sooooo good.

Here is a short video introducing myself and giving you an overview of the format. If you have any questions please ask, to register send an email to bambooyogaoilslife@gmail.com

There will be a few bits that you will need yourself before the program starts, there are listed below.

This is only open to people who want to up level their emotional and physical health & look after themselves more, I must have your application and payment by a certain date , to get your oil collection out to you on time (all the dates of the programs are below. It is my aim as a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher , EFT Practitioner, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and survivor of breast cancer (twice) that I help as many people as I can remove toxins from their lives, learn how to manage their emotions, their wellness and live a life with more self belief, health, calm and prioritise time to look after themselves. It is possible!!! I promise you.

In the Self Care package you will a collection of oils with enough to work with in the self care program., and I send you a Epsom salt dreamy bath time blend to ease you into sleep

some of the gorgeous oil collection

We will be using the oils for….

Toxin free, effective skin care & pampering

Stress and anxious feelings

Easy effective and toxin free eye make up remover

Help your body detox by adding oils to your water and trying to drink more water

Home made effective and amazing smelling skin care products

You will learn

Why doTERRA oils are different and how to use them

How toxins and stress affect the physical bodies health and also emotions.

How to journal

it is so powerful to get the thoughts out of the head, it takes the power away

How to boost energy and focus

About the importance of self care, how to create space in your day for you, and why it is important

About the emotions and how to manage them naturally and effectively.

Sleep hygiene

sleep is so essential for physical and emotional health, yet we tend to not sleep as deeply or for as long as we should

Additional tools and help as things come up for you. The course will be interactive and responsive, so I will address problems and questions as they arise, to make it customised for the group that you are in.

We will be making these beauties (all easy to make and so luxurious on the skin)

Natural toxin free mouth wash

Your own essential oil diffuser

A luxurious body lotion and scrub they smell amazing, also helps with lymphatic drainage and cellulite

Pure divine face serum

Easy effective and toxin free eye make up remover

To make these goodies for your self care you will need…

1.Coconut Oil (high quality one from the Health Food Shop), either solid or fractionated coconut oil

I use fractionated coconut oil as it has the fat taken out and does not smell, so it is a great carrier oil

2. A journal or nice notebook

3. Sugar

4. Stainless Steel or Glass Water bottle

5. Cotton pads or reusable bamboo pads

Sound good? The week will cost £25, If you would like to take part (I limit each group to 10 so I can really look after you) send me an email to bambooyogaoilslife@gmail.com and I will send you the details to register. Registration will need to take place by the dates below, so that I can get your oil collection to you in time.

I love sending oily packages out to you all

The dates for the programs for the rest of the year are... 9th September starts (I need you registered and paid by the 2nd September to get your oils to you). 7th October, registration by the 30th September. 11th November, registration by the 4th of November.

I will also send you the pamper package and the link to the facebook group. Im so excited to be sharing these beautiful oils and having this time with you all xxx


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