HMOD Island Oliver

by Mei ,hannah ,Dustin ,Oliver

What dangers do you see as a person stranded on this deserted island. Be specific and explain your answers. I see a little bit of dangers being in a deserted island by your self. Like first of all their are no adults their to be supervising you and looking after you to see that everything goes okay and nothing goes wrong.

Thursday,April 6,2017 what dangers do you see on a person stranded on his desert island.Be specific and explain your answer.The dangers i see on this island are not having shelter and not having enough food to survive.

Friday April 7,2017-create a list of character and add details about tghem using textual evidance below is an example

Ralph fair(8) 12 years old arrogant

piggy- chubby and has glassesand is (00) years old,and came with ralph

Jake -used to be the leader till ralph goat their

Simon- is always fainting (24) skinny (20)

Sam andvEric -are twins they are both (6) years old

Roger -is one of the people that supported piggy when the others said he didnt do nothing

Rules they had to follow

Travel in 2

Don't go out at night

Share resources

Clean up after your self

Communicate effectively

Do your job

Do not kill each other

Its not a good island because people die,And in this island theirs no food to survive, and no where to go

They start fires their and don't take care of the fire they started to see if someone that's going by can see them and be rescued

They are not good for the island because they are by them selves no adults to look after them and,no

The beast is big ,has wings ,has claws,and had some

They are going outside and looking for the beast at night and,they are leaving one person with the little kids ,And they where supposed to stay together and not go out at night.

Two rituals people are most familiar with are weddings and funerals. Pick an event (a wedding or a funeral). Make a list of at least 3 phrases people use at the event you picked. Using one of your phrases, explain why your phrase is helpful in the situation.

Phrases that are good in this situation, I'm sorry for your lost,Anything you need I'm here for you,rest in peace. I think my phrases would be helpful because, they would tell the family that I'm with them if they need anything I'll be their for them. That's what i would say in your in one of theses situations .I would not be like making you mad i would be their for you. And would say they are in a better place now. Tell them that they will always be in my heart.And it would be helpful because that would show that i'm their for them .

Jack when he saw the beast he about passed out ,they where in the woods hunting for food.He killed a pig and he also left a pig head for the beast so that i guess it wont get him . They also gave the beast that to set the beast away from them so that the beast would not have nothing towards them.And so they started hunting because they don't want to be going out at night that often because they think the beast might get them .And they think that they are in control of everything their but its Ralph tat has the whole control of everything that's on the island . And that's how jack reacted when he saw the beast .

What happened to Simon in chapter 9 .Simon was in this little tiny cave .then the beast comes and sees him .Then the beast doesn't say anything so Simon leaves.He goes to the mountain top and untangles the parat .Then comes down to where Piggy and Ralph are and he brakes the ring and fell over the steep edge of the rock to the sand by the water ,the beast screamed ,struck,bit,tore.And jack and his group didn't know it was Simon the one that was coming ,they thought it was the beast.Then Simonds dead body moved into the outer sea

Being in a group helps you interact with other people at bout the same subject .They can also help you mentally and physically . And by not being alone having people to rely on not just your self .They're is time when being in them groups can be bad.It can get you to do stuff that are bad .And because them groups can be doing illegal stuff that can put you in problems with people. But that's why they can be both negative or positive . But It can also make you do something you might regret in the future .

I think its better to have rule and agree then to hunt and kill.Because its better to have rules and follow them then kill things . Everyone deserves to be free but also follow the rules.And that island would be more safer and ,not be killing people, animals .And would be a peaceful and greater island to live on . And that's what i would go with ,and my reasons why.

I choose this picture because,It realate's back to when Ralph was leader and they all got along.And wow they where all happy at once in the book and then they started hating each other.I guess the book was good ,expect when they killed Simon and Piggy .That's when it got sad and not wanting to read it .I think that if everyone in the novel would of agreed they would of been so happy,and would not have been problems .

What I think about the novel is , I think indeed it's a great book .I think that the book would of been better if no one would of died like Simon and Ralph .And it would of been better if instead of one of the guy coming to rescue them it would have been Ralph's dad.But other than that I think it was a great book .

I liked how Mrs .Lyda read it because she would sometimes put this British accent when she read and that's what would make it good,Also another reason why i liked Mrs Lyda reading it was because when ever she read it would understand better.


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