Learning Objective #3 Retrieval Practice

Flash Cards While studying for my test in human sexual behavior I will be using flash cards to study. Starting seven days before the test I will start reading through each chapter making flash cards as I read through. I will finish reading through and making flash cards four days after starting. I will spend at least 3 hours per day reading the chapters and making notecards. After I finish making the notecards I will have 3 days to study them. I will go through them 3 hours each day before the test.I received a 100 on this test. Comparing to tests I took last semester, in similar structured classes, I did significantly better, and the highest grade I received was a C.

Self-Testing: To study for my Intro to Experimental Psych class I will be using the self – testing method. I will make a test and take it three days before the test. This way I will have time to review the material I struggled with or did incorrectly. Since this is a statistics class it involves doing math problems (not memorization), I felt testing myself on the information would be the best way to see what I knew. In Mind for Numbers, it says this is one of the best ways to study for a math related test. Since I will be taking the self-made test I three days before my actual test, I can have time to make another one if I feel like I need to. I received a 93 on this test. Comparing this to the grades I made on my tests from when I took a statics class freshmen year, I did very well, considering I made Cs or a very low B.

Self Test for Psych 3090

Quizlet: I will be using quizlet to study for my second test in Human Sexual Behavior. While doing this method I will be making a quizlet as I read each chapter before the lecture, and go back and add any I need. So technically, I am starting this four weeks before the test. Staring a week before the test I will review the quizlet and hour and half for 4 days, then for an hour for 2 days, and back to an hour and a half the day before the test. I made a 96 on this test. I did get a lower grade compared to when I made flash cards for the first test in this class. It is still an A so I was pleased with the grade I received.

All three techniques i tried, flash cards, self-testing, and quizlet, worked well for me. I made an A on each test i studied for using these methods. I felt more confident in myself after using flash cards and the self-test rather than studying using quizlet. I was also more confident using those methods rather than just making a study guide like I had on previous test last semester. quizlet did not work the best for me. even though I made an A using quizlet to study, I did not feel as well prepared going into that test. I will continue to make flash cards because I felt the most confident for that test. I will also use the self-test method in any math type classes in the future. using these methods gave me more confidence when going into the test compared to just using my same old method of making a study guide to study from.
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