Amber Skyes

Amber Marie Figueroa (born April 13, 1987), known professionally as Amber Skyes), is an American singer and songwriter.

Amber Skyes was born as Amber Marie Figueroa, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she was raised. She is the daughter of Maureen Connelly, who worked as a Mental Health nurse; recently deceased, and Domingo Figueroa, who was a notorious car theft and gangster; incarcerated in 1987 and later deceased in 2007. She is of English and Irish descent on her mother's side and Puerto Rican and Portuguese decent on her father's side. Amber has 1 younger brother, Drew Fleming, 1 younger sister, Morgan Redden and two older brothers Domingo Figueroa the 3rd and Mark Figueroa. Growing up, Amber played the piano until moving onto the acoustic guitar when she was 13. When she was 17, Amber directed and choreographed her junior high school spring musical, CHICAGO and starred in it as Velma Kelly. She said this was one of her proudest moments but still can not find the footage. When she was 18, Amber became homeless due to her mothers bi polar disorder. Amber suffered from PTS disorder due to her early childhood which caused her to become anxious and depressed. Music became a way for her to release her depression. She wrote numerous songs influenced by artist like, Fiona Apple, Lilly Allen and Alanis Morsette. Discovering her soulful voice, a band by the name of "Chowder" instantly picked her up as their lead vocalist. She played shows all over Philadelphia to help pay rent. Amber originally planned on going to college to major in fine arts, but after realizing she could not afford it, she instead worked as a server/bartender to keep herself afloat. Splitting up from Chowder, Amber then moved to Kentucky to chase her first crush. It was then she lost all hope for music and instead became a Kentucky house wife.

Amber Skyes attended James Francos, Rabbit Bandini Productions, Studio 4 school for Meisner technique in Manhattan, NY. She has said her teacher Raymond has changed her life completely. Amber Skyes has also spent time writing and directing her Music Videos. "I believe I have an eye for beautiful Imagery. I get excited when I get to explain the meaning behind my songs through performance art." She has also written TV show concepts and ideas in which she has filmed but has never released.

All Night Long

All Night Long’ is an upbeat, vocal future house masterpiece. The uplifting, unique and mesmerising vocals are provided by New York singer Amber Sykes.

California Dreamin

This Is War

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