First of firsts Experiencing the struggle of Architectural Design examinations

An ordinary day... that's what we thought. I've never experienced this kind of day in my entire arki life. A very tough day in a design class which challenged my IQ by taking an exam. *laughs hard*

Architecture Variée
I was like; "Hindi ko expected 'to." "Teka design class my exam?" "Hala ano isasagot ko dito?" "Omg. Give me will to live!!!"

(Exam on a design class? Not blaming our instructor though. But this is my first time to experience this. It's kinda hard but I know there's a reason why he gave us this test. Like what i've mentioned on my first blog. Arch. Baño will not just teach us to do plans but also to have a good communication skills and intelligence. Architecture is not just a pure drawing. I'll always keep it on my mind!)

So... I was absent last week because i was sick and I don't have any idea of the topic that has been discussed. So here. I'm really nervous /inserts sweating and kaba here/ because I know the questionaire will not be as easy as A, B, C.

We have been separated into two groups/sets and I belong to the 2nd group of examinees. I should've scanned my notes over and over again so i can at least answered the exam properly. Blaming myself because i got the lowest score. I don't know... maybe it's really my fault for not reviewing my notes (which i don't have either) or simply borrow notes from my other blockmates. But then again...

"Failing is just a part of success."

This disappointment gave me thoughts that failure is not the end of all the hardworks. Failing is just a part of success. If you fail, try hard. Try hard until you become a successful individual. You cannot achieve success if you haven't experienced failures. And I kept it in mind. I'M HALFWAY THERE! I know! In faith!

Thank you for that very challenging and mind-excruciating exam, Architect! I love the way you teach us and you never tolerate our short-comings but rather push us through success!

Happy Holidays to all my blockmates and to our instructor, Arch. Baño! For now, let's just sitback and relax but don't forget our holiday plates! Kudos to us for successfully passing this year full of tears, pain and puyat! Laban lang!!!

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