Overwatch is a video game on Xbox One, PS4, and PC created by Blizzard. It was $60 on release like most AAA games when they come out, and there are three different editions you can purchase. Those editions are standard Overwatch, Overwatch Origins Edition, and Overwatch Collector's Edition which all come with different amounts of content. Standard Edition comes with the game and nothing else, Origins Edition comes with five exclusive character skins and five codes for goodies in other Blizzard games, and the Collector's edition comes with everything in the Origins Edition plus a visual sourcebook, the game soundtrack, and a Soldier 76 Statue.

Overwatch Collectors Edition


How you play

In Overwatch, there are a few different modes to play. You can play quickplay, a 6 v 6 with no special modifiers on a variety of maps, 3 v 3 Elimination where you have one life in each round with no special modifiers and the match is best of 5, the All Brawls Playlist which chooses a random Brawl (6 v 6 match with a unique set of modifiers or limited character selection), or Mystery Heroes which chooses a random hero for you during every life.



Hometown of Sombra, the newest character in the Overwatch Universe.

This is a payload map where you must move a vehicle from checkpoint to checkpoint while fighting off the defense of the other team. The payload moves when the attack team is near it and the defense isn't.

Ecopoint: antarctica

Research facility where Mei, a Chinese scientist does her experiments with cold guns and tiny freeze robots.

This is where 1 v 1s and eliminations are fought.


This is the newest map introduced to Overwatch.

Oasis is a control point map where both teams are fighting to gain control of a point in the middle of the map and hold it for a set amount of time while defending against the other team's attack. the first team to win two rounds wins.

volskaya Industries

Volskaya Industries is a robot factory that is being pressured to close by Zarya, a character in Overwatch.

Volskaya Industries is a capture point map where one team is fighting to capture a point and the other team is trying to stop them. Once the attack team gets the first point, they go to the next point and if they don't get it before time runs out, they lose.


These are all 23 characters in Overwatch. Every character has their own set of emotes, sprays, highlight intros, and skins. You unlock these by opening loot boxes received from leveling up. Additionally, every character has a backstory that effects how they look and what abilities they have.

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