Money Makes The World Go Round Caitlin Moffat

How did retail begin?

It all began in 600BC until now a completely new world has been emerged with the internet. Society has changed in so many ways although retail is one of the biggest changes in our history. It has changed in so many different ways. Bartering was a huge part of people lives because they learnt to exchange food, weapons, tea and spices. This method turned into using money instead of exchanging goods. Although it sounds easy there were many complications to this method, some complications were that some people could not be trusted because people only traded with whom they had friendships with. This was when retail became the changing point and people sold their goods in different ways.

Exchanging goods such as tomatoes for weat

Video about the invention of money and currency

This video shows how people went from bartering to using money and how there are some advantages and disadvantages

Money became the new source to exchange

Online Retail

Online retail started in the early 1990’s when retail owners wanted to make their brand's reach broader and more people to view their business. Online shopping became popular because people could stay at home and relax instead of going out to the shops. This lead to a digital disruption of friendships because they weren't there to help each other and have opinions on the clothes. This whole internet world has had a huge impact on retail from bartering to online shopping. A graph illustrates the Internet users worldwide from 1995 to 2002 and as it shows, it increases hugely from 26 viewers to 605. This graph is a clear representation of how the internet has had a huge impact on people’s lives.

Old photographs of fashion in the 1900's

Advantages of online retail

  • A new up coming market
  • Easier access to looking at brands/ new clothing
  • Discounts available
  • Spending more money by enjoying the feeling of online shopping
  • Young children can now sell there things on the internet

Disadvantages of online shopping

  • Is not a social event to see friends anymore
  • Friendships are lost or is not a topic to talk about
  • Some people would rather stay home
  • Isn't exciting
  • Shops will become less popular and will vanish
  • Its a digital disruption

In conclusion retail has had a huge impact on peoples lives and has changed for the better. Retail will continually grow everyday and will have many different ways to shop.


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