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Physical And Economic Water Scarcity:

Physical Water Scarcity: Physical Water Scarcity is when there is not enough water or not enough of that resource for the country to share around, for example there is not enough water in Egypt for everyone to share because there is so much drought in Egypt and little rainfall.

Economic Water Scarcity: Economic Water Scarcity is when the country can't afford the water, for example they can't afford to get filtered water because they don't have the money to pay for pipes to get water from underground. Economic Water Scarcity is also when people can't afford for the water to come to their houses.

There is no water in this area, it is dry.

Factors Causeing Water Scarcity:

The factors causing Water Scarcity in North Africa are climate change, Physical and Economic Water Scarcity, regional variance and the water is in very bad shape. Climate change in North Africa is affecting the water availability because there is little or no rainfall so it is a very dry region and there is very high temperatures so the water will just evaporate into the sky. Physical Water Scarcity is affecting North Africa because there is actually no water there, it is physically not available. This is because there is not very much rain in North Africa. Economic Water Scarcity is affecting North Africa because the cost of the water is too much, for example the pipes to get the water filtered and clean or to go to their houses is too much. Regional Variances is when it rains a lot in one part and then doesn't rain at all or just a little bit in another part, so the resource is unevenly spread out. The water is in very bad shape because there is not very much filters around to filter the water. Another reason why the quality of the water is not the best is because they have to find the water from underground or from wells.

Map Of Africa Showing Egypt And The Cause Of Water Scarcity In Egypt:

Egypt in Africa is in the top right

The cause of Water Scarcity in Egypt is that there is more than 60 million people who need water in Egypt for the past 60 years. Another reason is that Egypt always experiences high temperatures and little or not rainfall, Egypt is a very dry country.

A Map That Shows The Population Density And A Written Description That Explains The Interconnection Between Population And The Issues Of Water Scarcity:

Map that analyses the population density of Egypt
Map that analyses the population density of Egypt

The interconnection between the population of Egypt and water availability in Egypt is that there are a lot of people living in Egypt and they all need water for drinking, cooking, showering, cleaning and more. Another connection that the population in Egypt and the water availability is that the majority of the population lives near the Nile river so that they can have water near their houses. Hardly no-one lives not near the Nile river or near any river is because then they will have much more further to go just to get some water to use or drink. People want to live near a river because it is very high temperatures and it very rarely rains in Egypt, they also do this because they can't afford to pay for water in their own homes.

How Does The Environment Affect The Availability To Water In Egypt:

The environment affects the availability of water in Egypt because of the Sun, the Sun affects water in Egypt by absorbing the water up into the sky. Also the trees, plants, grass and more drink water to survive.

What Problems Does This Water Scarcity Cause For The People, Places And Environment In Egypt:

Problems Water Scarcity causes for the people is that they may get ill because it's not fresh, clean water, it would be salty water and not fIlted clean water. Problems Water Scarcity causes for plants and environments are that plants will die if they don't get enough rainfall / water to drink to survive. The environment will eventually die and not be heathy and we need plants and trees to breath.

Climate Change And Water Used In Egypt As Graphs And A Written Explanation Of This Data:

Climate change in Egypt
Water used in Egypt
Graph of water used in Egypt

Climate in Egypt is very high with minimal rainfall, from May to September the temperatures get above 100°F and January, February and December are the coolest with below 80°F. There is mainly 0 rainfall throughout the year, if not 0 then very little amount. The graph of the amount of water getting used in Egypt shows that farmers use the most amount of water compare to house water and companies.

What Is Currently Being Done To Lessen The Impact Of Water Scarcity In Egypt:

Currently Egypt is working with other countries from Africa to collect water from the Nile river, they share this water because they get very little or no rainfall. Currently Egypt is raising money for clean, fresh water.


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