The Experience By: Ryan McCane

Spatial Experience: The environment of the theater was very professional, and looked very modern. The artwork surrounding the theater was also very beautiful and intrigued my interests. I was a little nervous when entering the building because it was a little hard to find, and I wanted to make sure I got a good seat for the performance. To my amazement, I was the first person to enter the theater and therefore got an unbelievable front row seat. Being so close to the stage truly enhanced my experience and allowed me to further connect with the performance, as I could further analyze facial expressions which gave me a better understanding of the characters feelings. When the lights dimmed down I felt rushed with a sense of excitement, as I had known little background information on what the play was going to foretell. The grand size of the auditorium gave me a feeling that I was in the mid 1900's as a wealthy businessman attending an expensive theater. You can be the happiest man on Earth, but location plays a big role in your good life. Where you are not only means what you surround yourself with environmentally, but also who is within your environment that plays a role within your life.
Social experience: Attending the play alone was quite nerve racking, especially sense I got lost at least three times trying to find my way. Before the play while I was getting ready I wanted to gather some background information on the play so I did some research on cultural differences and the working class. Although I attended the play alone, I quickly made friends with the people sitting around me who had similar interests in careers, which really enhanced my experienced as I lost my sense of nervousness. During the talk back, being able to ask the actors from the play questions to help further understand the deeper meaning of the play also played a huge part in the social experience. When watching movies or films you often do not get this opportunity, which played a major role in my experience during and after the play. When seeking the good life, what is the point of having everything in the world with no one to share it with? Having family and friends or even a loved one to share your enjoyments with can truly enhance your good life and allow you to share your happiness.
The cultural and intellectual experience: After the completion of the performance, I was astonished by the ignorance of the corruption going on in this time period, and really made me want to acquire more knowledge about what is going on around me. Power is in knowledge, the more you know, the less you can get hurt by others. This was brought to my attention while watching the story line play out, and how the working class almost seemed to be ruled as a tyrant, which makes me thankful for the world we live in today. Although I did not have to much knowledge about the subject matter beforehand, I had a relate-able experience in a past job of mine. I worked in a small privately owned business with little regulation, which gave the owner an abundance of power she often used not in a polite way. Although my experience was in no way as traumatic as the ones presented within the play, I still felt an inner connection with each and every character being mistreated. This plays a major role within ones good life, you could have your dream job with explicitly horrible colleagues which can alter your prospective completely. Who you surround yourself with can either enhance or hinder your good life drastically.
The emotional experience: The Divine was an accurate representation of how unjust the world once was, and attending such a performance allowed me to connect with those from the past who experienced such hardships and morn for their tributes. It's one thing to read about the past in textbooks and novels, but to be able to experience a first hand interpretation of the past makes a connection that words on paper lack. Through this I felt free and happy to be in such a democratic and civil time period to the extent that all the small problems I used to experience are no longer such a nuisance. This sense of free will opened my eyes and made such an impact to me emotionally I felt as I was experiencing the Kartharsis and I'm grateful to the cast for providing me this opportunity.

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