Evidence For Evolution Aaliyah S.

Rock Strata

Rock Strata is layers of sedimentary rock that are clearly different from each other. You could see how different they are by the different colors of each layer.

The oldest layer of in which the fossils are located are the very bottom because the bottom forms first.
How do we know how old fossils are?

Scientists figure out how old a fossil is by the clues fossils give when they are in sedimentary rock. They could also find out how old fossils are because the fossil had to be fossilized in the same time span when the rock was formed.

Why are fossils sometimes out of order?

Sometimes fossils can be out of order because of how the tectonic plates shift which causes the earth to move.

ComparIng Fossils

Australopithecus Afarensis & Modern Human Skull
  1. The features on these two skulls are very similar because of how there eyes, nose, and teeth look.
  2. The Australopithecus nose is slightly bigger than a humans so that could probably help with their smelling.
  3. Based off these similarities I think that humans are the evolved version of the Australopithecus.
  4. So I think these two animals are definitely related because of their similarities and I also think that they are a common ancestor with humans because an Australopithecus skull and human skull have many similarities from how their nose are the same shape and how their teeth are more up front. Another reason why I think they're common ancestors is because Australopithecus walked on two legs like humans but they looked more like an ape.

Comparing Embryos

  1. The similarities that these embryos have is that they all look the same. They have the same little black eyes, they all look like they're the same color, and they are all developing in the same position called the fetal position.
  2. The differences that most embryos have is how they develop. All Embryos aren't the same and I'm pretty sure everyone knows that, but the most important difference is how they turn out in the end. They may look the same when they are developing but there are these small little features that show you they're different. Example: The elephant has a trunk while the mouse has a tail and the mouses eyes are black while the dogs eyes are blue.
  3. I think that the dog and human are closely related because they almost look the same when they are an embryo. I don't think that they could have been a recent ancestor because dogs and humans don't have much in common in my opinion. They do look similar as an embryos to me though.

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