Leif Eirksson the explorer

When Leif Eriksson was born and when he started exploring

Leif Eriksson was born in Ice land and he was born between 970 CE and died in 1020 CE he started exploring in 997 CE and has became famous for his many expeditions (lived only 50 years)

Character Traits

Based on his explorations Leif Eriksson was a very spunky and postive I know this because if he did not like exploring then he might have not persue exploring more and based on his many of his explorations we know that he did.

Leif Eriksson nick name was Leif the Lucky

Why he started exploring

The reason Leif Eriksson started exploring when he sparked intress because he started to hear rumors about land up west.

His routes of where he explored
Ice Land's Landscape

Obstacles they faced

Leif Eriksson faced many obstacles one of which was Native Americans that lived in the areas that he explored and often confronted them when he explored Ice land.

Location found

Leif Eriksson found land which he named New Found Land and Vinland (New Found Land is also know as Norway today).

Quote from Erik The Red

"I find that Eric's passion of exploring has driven him far in to a land of exploring i'm proud of him to persue the passion that I had." Erik the Red quote about his son

Fun Fact

Fun Fact: In September 1964 the United States congress declared October 9 Leif Eriksson day.

The End I hope you enjoyed this explorers project!


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