The Boston Common by: gia~

The Boston common is a very beautiful place with tons of fascinating history hidden within it's giant patches of trees and rusted statues. Today you'll travel back in time and experience what is like long ago while it was being used as a war zone rather than a public tourist attraction. In the beginning part of the land was being used as a grazing field and the other area of land was being used for public executions. This went on until 1817. But around the time period of 1756 it was a burial site. The Boston Common was basically like a movie theater. Nearly all public events would be held there. It was the one thing that caught every citizens attention. One example is protests. Most anti-slavery protests were held there for the Civil-Rights movement.

Children and adults protesting for equality for all races

Now here we are. Over 400 years later, back in 2017. Instead of being used as execution sights or burial lands, people now consistently visit for tourist attractions. The park is packed with giant patches of grass, plenty of wild life, and lots of local benches for people to sit together. There are also lots and lots of statues that over look the scenery. And it's especially beautiful when the sun is just setting.

One of the many statues within the Boston Common

One of the statues you can find there is the line of ducks called Make Way for Ducklings. It was created by Nancy Schön. And interesting fact, it was based off the children's book also called Make Way Ducklings. The story was created by Robert McCloskey in 1941.

There are so many plant life also. There are over 80 different types of plant species located in the Commons. They're all planted in greenhouses. And because of this, there are many weddings that happen there. There's even a non-profit organization to help preserve the garden and keep it in its purest form.

One of the many plants in the garden


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