Asexual Reproduction By Felisha

What is asexual Reproduction?

  • Asexual Reproduction is one form of reproduction, where the offspring is produced by only one offspring, without the process of the joining of sex cells.
Bryophyllum (Kalanchoe) daigremontianum, also known as the Mother of Thousands

...therefore, without traits of two different cells, the offspring only has traits of only one parent.

Types of Asexual Reproduction:

  1. Fission
  2. Budding
  3. Vegetative propagation


  • The offspring is produced from the splitting of a parent cell.
  • It splits by multiplying each cell (chromosomes) in two two sets.

Two Types of Fission:

  • Binary Fission: When the cell splits into two
  • Multiple Fission: When the parent cell splits into two or more
  • Many organisms which reproduce by fission are
There are also three kinds of binary fission
Multiple Fission


  • Type of asexual reproduction where the offspring grows out of the parent organism at a particular site
  • The offspring grows while attached to the parent until it is mature enough to leave the parent
Sometimes budding occurs in a chain

Vegetation Propagation:

  • New plants forms without seeds and pollination
  • All the offspring are clones, or has the same genes as the parent plant
  • Aloe Vera reproduce through asexual reproduction
Aloe Vera:


  • Runners: Stems grow along the ground away from the parent plant and the runner begins to grow roots and a new plant is produced
  • Tubers: New plants grow out of the old roots of a plant to form a new plant.
  • Cuttings: Part of the parent plant which grows roots and new leaves after being planted
  • Root system: Parent plant develops tiny sprouts under the soil, and the sprout then grows it's way out of the soil and a new plant forms.
  • Growth from stem damage: New plants grow out of the destroyed parent plant stem
  • Grafting: Stems of two plants are joined together to form a new plant that has characteristics of both plants
  • Leaf: A new plant grows from the leaf after it is planted.
strawberry runners
rose grafting
New plants similar to the parent plant grows form the leaf.
root systems


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