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We have entered the generation of techno savvy children, students. They are well equipped, technology wise, to connect, reconnect and discover the world at large. As educators we have long since fallen behind the curve. We now face the challenge to reinvent ourselves and our methods of teaching. Social media is an open window which we must now squeeze through. But we are not alone, we are not without our resources. The technology has provided us with a banquet of resources all just a click, an enter key, a voice command, a thumb text away, "PLN's (Professional Learning Networks)"
PLN's provide educators with a method to link, establish relationships across the country and the world.
Educators can discuss techniques on presenting material to students to engage them, motivate them and spark the magic they all have inside.
Virtual Classrooms are no longer science fiction - PLN's can connect anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

With all this connectivity comes responsibility. We would never let a child drive a car without instruction on the rules of the road or for that matter teaching them how to be safe drivers. So too are we charged with ensuring that our students understand that being a part of a global community requires some training. Educators learn those rules of engagement and help pass on that knowledge to our students and their parents. Good stewardship of such a powerful resource is essential if we wish to reap the reward and safe guard the students.

Teachers need to use the technological tools and a variety of communication strategies to build local and global learning communities that engage learners, families, and colleagues.InTASC 10(g)
Connecting with parents keeping them involved in their child's education is key to developing a strong foundation for learning and development of creative thought.

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