The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country filled with endless natural beauty. It has magnificent waterfalls, rainforests, and beaches.

El Salto de Limon Waterfall

El Salto de Limon Waterfall is 130 feet tall and flows into a natural pool.

Cathedral of Santa Maria la menor

The cathedral is a famous church in Santo Domingo dedicated to the archbishop.


  • The Domincan Republic's population is around ten million
  • David Ortiz is from the Dominican Republic
  • It shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti
  • In 1844 the Dominican Republic declared its independence
  • The Dominican Republic has the biggest economy in the Carribbean
The man on the right is the Dominican Republic's president, Danilo Medina
Mangu is a popular dish of mashed plantains
Sancocho is a stew of seven meats

Merengue is a very popular type of Dominican music.

The solendon is a venemous, burrowing animal. It looks like a shrew.

The DR is an amazing country that is a great place to visit.



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