A New York Love Story By Johnny Fogel

It has been a cold winter in New York the usual blizzards, roads being closed, ice storm, just brutal freezing temperatures, most of all just lots of snow a record 4 feet of snow for New York.

But this year it was especially cold for other reasons too, for example take Madison Barker a nurse who worked in the biggest hospital just outside of Queens who craved any attention she could muster.

A women who ever thought she was attractive enough, and growing up was bullied a lot.

On the flip side you have Mr Big Bucks himself, Brooks Hagaman. The world's richest investor and oil devolver. He has everything a person could want besides a wife.

With Valentine's Day approaching Brooks knew who he loved and who he wanted, Madison Barker. He had known who she was since he was little, they grew up in the same town, a small town north of Albany. Madison knew who he was too but for much different reasons, Madison knew him for one of the most powerful richest men in earth and she was in love with him for it.

Most of Madison's days were spent in the hospital, helping the sick, and doing anything around the hospital she could possibly do. Madison although just out of college struggled to get by and lived in a studio apartment which she could barely even pay for. Many nights went passed where Madison couldn't sleep or stop to think about how she would never get a husband or that she wasn't good enough.

Brooks Hagaman loved his job and his friends but it was never enough, he had everything but not what he wanted. He had the nicest suits, cars, nicest watches everything basically but the one thing that he had been denied of is a wife. He had gone on dates before, with supermodels even but he just never felt it was right.

That sadness turned him to a deep depression. He often turned to the bottle for answers the questions that couldn't be answered. But tonight his depression would take full effect and control him, as Brooks got into his favorite car and prized possession woozy. He opened his garage and sped off.

Madison oddly enough is driving at the same time, down the dark open road. Brooks car suddenly shifted into high gear and crashed into the side of Madison's car knocking himself out the front glass of the car unconscious.

If it wasn't for Madison that night Brooks may have died.

Brooks was quickly rushed to the hospital, Madison screamed,”we need to hook him up to life support immediately!” Brooks was rushed into a hospital room, still unconscious Madison began to cry, she vowed that she would right this wrong. She swore to make this situation better somehow some way. “But how?” She wondered. Madison always believed that the right guy was out there for everyone, was this hers?

The doctors discovered the alcohol in his bloodstream, it was clear now what had caused this crash. Madison knew she was in love, with an alcoholic. She overheard the doctors saying there was a strong chance he wasn't going to make it.

Madison cried more now, learning that he may not make it almost made her want to be in that place. Suddenly, Madison was asleep.

Madison dreamed of her childhood memories, she ever really understood why she acted this way, never thinking she was good enough. Madison dreamed about a time in her life that she blocked out, in her life she had a bully. Everyday this bully would tell Madison about how she was prettier, how she was better, everyday. Everyday Madison went home and cried, this bully with an evil name like Aiden bullied Madison day in and day out. One day Aiden decided to take it to the next level, Aiden took Madison and threw her into a trash can,”she screamed that's where you belong TRASH!”

Madison woke up, she finally knew why she acted this way. Madison ran towards a doctor she asked how long she was asleep for, he said in a deep voice,”about two hours.” “Is he going to be ok.” Madison muttered. The doctor paused then responded,”we don't know it's like he has given up hope, it's up to him now he has to fight.”

Madison went down onto both knees next to Brooks bed. Madison screamed and cried at brooks bed," live please she cried, live please!" She screamed again,”this is my fault.” A brief silence filled the room, suddenly a small cough noise broke the silence, brooks was waking up.

Brooks quickly saw Madison crying he wondered who it was, then remembered this was the women he loved. He didn't hesitate anymore he embraced her. Madison stopped crying,” how do you know who I am?” She asked. Brooks responded,” I've loved you before pre-k. We grew up in the same town, many times I wanted to tell you how I felt but I could never bring myself to do it. I love you with all my heart.”

Madison enlightened slowly said, “I love you too, for different reasons.” They both laughed, he embraced her once again this time though he looked her into the eyes and he kissed her. From that day forward he promised he would never let her go not now and never again. Brooks finally got the girl of his dreams, and for Madison she finally had someone to pick her up when she fell.

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