Frogs and Toads Alex thompson

Introduction to Frogs: Frogs/Toads are amphibians and can either live on land or in mostly water, can have dry or moist skin, big or small.... there is a lot of variety.

Phylum: Chordata Class: Amphibia Clade: Salientia Order: Anura

History Of Frogs

Frog evolved from Salamanders and the 1st "Proto-Frog' appeared as early as the Triassic period and spread all over the world with Pangea about 292 million years ago. 1st "modern-frog" appeared in the Jurrassic period.

Groupings of Frogs

In general frogs can be separated int 2 groups, toads and not toad (frog). **REMEMBER NOT ALL FROGS ARE TOADS BUT ALL TOADS ARE FROGS** The difference between a toad and a frog is very simple, toads live most of their life on land and don"t swim very well. Toads also have rough, dry skin as opposed to a frog's smooth moist skin. FUN FACT: a group of frogs is an army.

HOUSING AND EQUIPMENT: to care for a pet frog you should first know that you should NEVER EVER touch your frog, their skin is very absorbant and you might have bad stuff on your hands. Also, they are a ton of work.

To care for a frog you will need: a tank terrarium WITH A LID, a spray bottle to mist them, food, and you will need some kind of heat source (the easiest optio being a tank heater). In your tank you will need to create a habitat, You should have 2-3 inches of soil and on top of that, you should set out some foliage (fake or real), rocks, some sticks. And lastly you should get a container of water ( about 4X the size of your frog/toad) and set it in the corner of the tank. Frogs like pool parties and this can also serve as drinking water so you should clean it often.

Feeding/ Handling

If you have a pet frog you have to be very careful about what you feed it and how much. You should feed frogs about 2-3 times a week and should only feed live MOVING food (if it doesnt move they will have no incentive to eat. you should give them 5-6 live crickets per feeding, or 1-2 large bugs such as a slug.



If you want to raise your frogs from tadpoles, you should know that tadpoles eat other tadpoles and you should probably get a few. If you would like you can boil lettuce and feed it to them, or buy a bunch and have a mini hunger games. Personally the latter is the better choice, you get a pet AND entertainment!

As for handling, touch your frog/ toad as little as possible and in the event that you must touch your frog for either tank cleaning or something make sure to first rinse your hands as thoroughly as possible NOT USING SOAP!! rinse your hands to try and get any chemical residue from either sunscreen, soap, lotion, cleaner etc. and then partially dry your hands leaving them damp but not dripping. Now that you can pick up your frog make sure to be very gentle and scoop up the frog (not grabbing) as they have very fragile skin and bones. After you handling frogs make sure to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap.

COMMON DISEASES AMONG FROGS: It is very common for frogs to get something called RED-LEG, this usually caused by owners not cleaning out their frog's water and tank very often, therefore causing bacteria to grow. An infected frog will have reddness and swelling along the legs and belly.

Another common disease is called " Metabolic Bone Disease" This is where the bones of the frog become very briitle and break easily. This is caused by a vitamin D and calcium deficentcy. This is easily cured by giving crushed vitamin supplements to your frog usually prescribed by a vet, but when left untreated is usually fatal.

REPRODUCTION OF FROGS: There are two types of reproduction in frogs, prolonged, and explosive.

Prolonged reproduction: most frogs have prolonged reproduction, and this is where all the adults go to one pond at the same time and have a party..

Explosive Reproduction: few frogs use this kind of reproduction, this is where males all live in one specified area and then the females will come and go as they please.


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