Danger On The Midnight River BY gARY pAULSEN

Author Bio The author of my book is Gary Paulsen. He was born May 17, 1939 in Minneapolis, MN. He has awards such as the John Newbery Medal, Snow Dogs. Gary Paulsen has written more than 175 books and some 200 articles and stories for children and adults.
Genre, Theme, Setting Danger on Midnight River is an action/adventure fiction novel set on a dangerous river. The time is set in present day. The theme of this novel is about survival and overcoming adversity in the face of death.
Plot Summary Daniel goes out with friends and it all goes downhill from there. They leave on a trip to go have fun hiking and they end up trapped on a river. They have to fight to survive against mother nature and all she can throw at them.
Characters: Daniel is boy with special needs who knows a lot about how to survive in the woods. Brandon is a bully who picks on Daniel throughout his life. Scotty is another bully who picks on Daniel. Troy is the leader of the bullies who tells his friends to pick on Daniel.
Main Conflict in the book Danger On The Midnight River, Daniel has to fight for his life and his swimming abilities will be put to the test. He has to survive in the raging river water and help save his friends.
Book Evaluation: I liked this book because it is about survival of the fittest in the outdoors and fighting for your life. I would recommend this book to the people that like the outdoors because it is survival of the fittest.
Vocabulary Words: Anxious= Scared about something. Clenched= Holding something very tightly. Muster= together. Premonition= To see what will happen in the future. Raging=very mad.


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