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The French Revolution started due to the financial crisis and old order. King Louis XVI was the King throughout the French Revolution. The most important cause of the French Revolution was the nation's debt, the refusal of the nobility and the clergy to pay taxes, philosophies, and high prices on food. These factors destabilized society and increased the political influence of the commoners.

Destruction during the revolution

The French Revolution caused a lot of harm and damage to cities. The Revolution resulted in many things, between rivals to financial crisis. The French Revolution resulted in some success but also some failures. One of the most commonly known failures during the Revolution was the reign of terror. This helped Robespierre imprison or execute thousands of people he thought were a threat. The reign of terror finally came to an end when Robespierre himself had to be sent to the guillotine. One of the successes from the Revolution was it ended the monarchy of King Louis XVI and also declaration of the rights of man and citizen, constitution of 1791

The reign of terror was a period of violence that occurred after the onset of the French Revolution, incited by conflict between two rival political factions, the Girondins and Jacobins. The guillotine, became the symbol of the revolutionary cause, strengthened by a string of executions: King Louis XVI, Queen Marie Antoinette, and most of the Girondins.

The reign of terror led to massive loss of lives in France. It’s estimated that about 17,000 people were put under the guillotine and this included powerful people like King Louis and his wife Antoinette, Robespierre, and other well known people were put to death. The reign of terror also led to destruction of building and places within France. This also led to more violence with other places, as an example Russia later invaded France since they were low on people/ a king.

Other Countries Impact:

As a result of the Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte staged a coup d'etat and took control of France. During his reign as emperor, he expanded the French Empire across Europe, challenged British overseas territories, and ultimately bankrupted France. On his quest Napoleon went through a series of battles.. Great Britain had a major victory and defeated France in 1805.

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