COVID-19: YOUR VIEWS Students share what they think of the current coronavirus outbreak.

My name is Caitlin O'Neil and I am a senior and I am not scared of the coronavirus myself but I am worried about the impact that it does have on the people with low immune systems. Also, working class people who may not have insurance but can afford to not be outside and not be working, I think it is a serious epidemic that the government will need to keep tabs on because it is not fair to keep exposing people. Especially in schools having this mindset of coming to school even when you're sick because you ‘can't have a certain number of absences’ or ‘you won't graduate on stage’, which is honestly ridiculous and then expecting kids to come in on Saturdays to make up that time instead of doing something productive.

My name is Lauren Levy, I am a senior and I think the coronavirus is a serious matter for people with low immune systems just because they can easily get it and it is harder for them to be cured from it. Honestly I am also nervous because people do not take care of themselves if they're sick so then they go out and they're not being cautious with what they are doing which is most likely why it spread so much already. So that is a little unnerving.

Osman Lobo: The coronavirus does worry me. What worries me most is if the disease manages to spread here in the valley then all schools will be closed and we will need to stay inside our houses without going out at all.

My name is Christopher Guzman and I am not scared of the coronavirus because if you have a really healthy immune system you're perfectly fine.It is just afformulative flu. The only reason you should ever be scared is if you have a compromised immune system or if you are older you are screwed.

My name is Jovany Silva, I am in twelfth grade and I am not afraid of the coronavirus because I believe everybody is going to get it and they are either going to get sick. Since I am young, I do not have to worry about it.

My name is Ariana Kim and I am a twelfth grader. I am not really scared of the coronavirus just because I know that I only have a 0.02% chance of getting it especially since I am a healthy individual. I am more worried for my parents or people who have a low immune system. It is kind of close to being pandemic so that is a fear but for me personally no.

My name is Stephanie Lopez. I think the coronavirus is scary if you have family members with weak immune systems and you know that they have trouble with their lungs and stuff.

My name is Michelle [Ramirez]. My opinion on the coronavirus is that it is a big deal to people with weak immune systems. But I have a weak immune system so I am probably going to die if I get it.

Nancy Romero: [I’m scared] only a little because it will only affect babies or elderly. Or those with lower immune system or something? Coming to school won’t affect a lot of people because [there’s] a lot of germs. This weekend I went to the Dollar Store for hand sanitzer or anything like that and there was nothing

Fernanda Garcia: It’s pretty scary. Have you been to Costco? They don’t even have water! And also you can’t order stuff that come from China because of everything that’s happening.