Alcohol and drugs BY: Renny Campos

Source 1: Teaching traditions to save young life.

" Many Native Americans Eskinos are poor and have no job. Many struggle with alcohol. Some even lose hope and end their own lives."

" Bell-Joe herself drank alcohol in the past."

"No one has ended their life in Hooper Boy"

Junior's sister (Mary) pg.205: " Of course they have a big party! Of course they were drunk! They're Indians."

Source 2: Healing the spirit to fight drug addiction.

"Like many on the Yurok reservation here, she first tried the highly addictive drug methamphetamine at age 12. Legal trouble came at 13 with an arrest for public intoxication."

" Some tribal members charged with nonviolent crimes linked to drugs or alcohol come as a condition of probation, in which they are released but remain under court supervision."

" Legal trouble came at 13 with an arrest for public intoxication. "

Junior's grandma (pg. 158): " They are not supposed to get run over and killed by a drunk driver."

Source 3: More and more schools adopting Native American cultural programs.

" Before harvesting the reeds, or tules, to make mats, they prayed. Later, they left tobacco as a gift."

" The students needed involved parents, solid instruction, supportive, caring teachers and safe, drug-free settings."

Eugene ( pg. 160, 170)" Way drunk, Eugen was sho and killed by one of his good friends. Boody, who was too drunk to even remember pulking the trigger. "

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