Internet Scams don't be bamboozled

People sometimes think its a good idea to click pop up ads, or any other ads. This is never a good idea, especially as a teenager.

Make sure your kids do not click on ads

A good way to not get tricked by traps like this is, is just to not click any ads. If something appeals to you, then look it up (ex. A fancy purse ad).

DO NOT EVER click ads that say you have won a million dollars. Because you haven't. Never give out credit card information, unless you are on a store website and you are ordering something.

There will be survey ads. Survey ads are ads that say you can take a survey for money. Just don't take the survey. There is not money.

You will most likely find ads on free streaming websites. Free streaming websites are website where you can watch movies for free. Is it legal? Maybe.....I always use free streaming websites to watch movies for free, but there are ads everywhere. Keep calm and carry on, just make sure no ads are open while you watch.

In conclusion, just don't ever click any ads ever. Please be safe on the inter webs. The end


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