Pandas by aya, makailah, and brandon


Look at how this panda is black and white.

Did you know that pandas are big? They are tall and their fur is soft. They have flat teeth, too. They eat mostly bamboo. Pandas are mammals but they are not bears. They have black fur around their eyes. In China they call pandas big bear cats because pandas have whiskers. Since pandas are big mammals, their babies are born alive.

This is where the pandas live.


Pandas live in trees. They live in China. They live in only three zoos in the United States. They have lived in China for millions of years. Pandas mostly live alone. About 1,600 pandas live in the wild.


Pandas eat carrots. Pandas eat bamboo for breakfast bamboo for lunch and bamboo for dinner. Pandas have to eat 20 pounds of bamboo every day.

Pandas eat bamboo and carrots.

Interesting Facts

Now they are cute.

Pandas are lighter than a piano. They roll to get some where faster. Ancient Chinese rulers kept pandas as pets. When pandas are born they are pink , and they grow their fur later.

The end


Created with images by George Lu - "Panda" • RickWeiss - "Pandas!" • Thomas Depenbusch - "Wuxi, Jiangsu - China" • Unsplash - "bamboo stems spires" • Tracy Hunter - "Carrot Cake" • Su--May - "Cheng Du Panda Base" • kuromeri - "twin baby pandas 双子の赤ちゃんパンダ" • Paolo Trabattoni - "Oso panda!"

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