Battle of Singapore By: will and Avery

How it started.

The battle of Singapore started when trading stopped with Japan. So Japan looked for supplies for its war against the allies in the pacific war. As a result they invaded Malaya.


Japan invaded Malaya coming from Indochina Moving towards Thailand. The invasion was with the attack on Pearl Harbor to try to stop the U.S.A from interfering in Asia . Japan was out numbered in the War, but made their forces stronger.

Japan air forces.

The Japan Air Force had many men and was very strong . A Japan fighter plane named Mitsubishi a6m2 zero., helps Japan gain an upper hand . The Japan Air Force managed to sink the British ships .


Allies: 5,000 killed or wounded 80,000 captured.

Japan: 1,713 killed , 2,777 wounded.

Countries involved.

United Kingdom,India, Malaya, Australia, U.S.A, New Zealand, and Japan.

The end of the war.

The war lasted 8-15 of February, 1942. The war was a Japan victory.

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