Sometimes people ask why self driving cars are dangerous, I think Cars that drive themselves are dangerous because they can seriously injure somebody or kill somebody. problems with self driving cars are electronics can malfunction, sometimes the cars can make mistakes, and most in importantly they can be a problem with other drivers.

One reason that self driving cars are dangerous is that electronics can malfunction. For example, one time my I-pad completely turned off when I was using it. It turned off even though the battery was fully charged so imagine what could happen to a car that is self driving. Also, self driving car have trouble making tough decisions. For example, when self driving cars have trouble detecting something they switches to manual mode when the driver is not ready. In addition, when pedestrians/animals are crossing the cars can malfunction and see different things.

Another reason cars that drive themselves are dangerous is that sometimes the self driving cars make mistakes. For example, in tough weather sometimes it doesn’t know where the lines are on roads. Also, in October 2016 a Uber’s self driving car went the wrong way down a one-way street. In addition, I saw an article on that said self driving cars have trouble going over bridges. They are just some of the many issues.

Another reason cars that drive them are dangerous is that they can cause problems for other drivers. For example, a man fell asleep in a self driving car and died. The self driving car crashed into another car in front of him. Also, google’s self driving car caused it five crashes since it came out. In addition, self driving cars can be distracting to other drivers.

These cars might seem cool but this is dangerous to you and other people. This is important because if people buy these cars the car could kill you and many other people. This is why you shouldn't buy self driving cars.

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