Christmas Vacay By: Christin Davis

Over break, I didn't see many of my friends because we were too busy seeing my family. I did miss all of them very much though and I'm very happy that I get to see all of them. We visited all my family. My went to my Aunt Diane's house to see my moms side and my dads side came to see us.

The earliest I woke up was probably about 11. I like to sleep in on the weekends. The latest I stayed up probably all the way up to 7 in the morning with my friend Amberley. I got to relax most the time, but then the other days we were with either family or friends. Every Christmas, I always watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Its my favorite Christmas movie. We really didn't do anything over Christmas beak very special.

Some gifts I got were an Xbox 360, new radio, bow and arrow, and my dad gave me his old 22 he doesn't use anymore. Those were the main gifts. The best gift I received was my bow. The worst was clothes.

I am excited about coming back because I get to see all my friends I didn't see over break. I'm excited to see all my favorite teachers. I am also nervous about coming back too.

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